super easy peasy no knead bread


Mary is a San Diego native and has been blogging for 10+ years. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes.

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  1. leanne says:

    Yum – homemade bread is the best! Especially when it’s warm and slathered with butter. Yours looks delish!

  2. Darlene says:

    Bravo on the bread, Mary!

    I love that it’s no knead. Maybe I’ll get over my fear of touching wet dough and try your recipe.

  3. Carol says:

    Oh that looks so good! It’s been a long time since I’ve made no knead bread. Hmm, I think I’ll make some this weekend!

  4. Dennis says:

    Sorry so random, I had a dream last night that Jake took me to one of his favorite burger shacks! It was awesome and so random, haha. Hope you all are doing great. Cheers

  5. mary says:

    Hi Carol – I’ve got another batch working at home today – I’m looking forward to having it tonight. It’s so nice to have freshly made bread around the house!

    Hi Dennis – That’s so awesome! And totally random! I love it! Hope you’re doing great, too.

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