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Now that I’m not spending all of my free time writing, I can blog again! YAY!

I’m a little behind now so I’ve got some blogging/catching up to do. Thanks for bearing with me while I furiously wrote until the end of November!

In the beginning of November, I chose a new place for Jake and I to try. On a whim. We were already out near La Mesa while Jake had to do some work. I sat in my car as the rain poured down and I hunkered down and picked a new spot to try. He didn’t get to protest. We headed on out to Santee for some burgers at Anny’s Fine Burger.

[huge wall menu]

Anny’s Fine Burger is right next to the trolley stop in Santee. Walking in, there’s this HUGE menu that takes up the whole wall with large photographs of the burgers. It was a little daunting to look at that wall and I opted instead to get a little menu so I could wrap my head around it.

Jake and I shared a burger and T got a cheesesteak while we all shared a large order of fries.

[Salt & Pepper Fries – large – $2.99]

We kept the side order simple with a large order of Salt & Pepper Fries. Not anything like the Salt & Pepper Wings that I love, these fries are dressed simply with exactly just that – salt and pepper. Other fries available include: Thick Cut fries, Cajun fries, Garlic Parmesan fries, Bacon Cheese fries, Chili Cheese fries and Sweet Potato fries. They’ve got a whole line up here!

I was just in the mood for something simple that day and just got the S&P fries. They were okay, nothing to write home about. I would try thick cut or garlic parm in the future though!

We also got a side of ranch and ketchup with these and I mention it only because they make their own ranch (and almost all of their other sauces) on site. It was some good ranch sauce!

[BBQ Cheesesteak – Korean BBQ, marinated sliced rib eye, 2 pieces of cheddar cheese, onions, and Parmesan cheese (also comes with green peppers, not added) – $6.99]

This is T’s sandwich – the BBQ Cheesesteak. He’s got a thing about ordering cheesesteaks everywhere whereas I am wary of cheesesteaks that aren’t from Gaglione Brothers.

I did have a bite of this. The Korean BBQ meat is really excellent – very tender and flavorful. But to me it tasted totally weird covered in cheese. Meat like that just doesn’t need cheese! Just stick it on bread and eat it. Nom nom nom. Anyway. T really liked it. Jake and I thought the cheese was overbearing.

[Sand Dune burger – from the outside]

Jake and I shared this. Good thing we did. Huge burger!

[Sand Dune Burger – battered thinly sliced onion, crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, smoky teriyaki sauce – $6.99]

Huge, messy, delicious burger. You don’t even see a hint of that luscious teriyaki (home made!) sauce until you split this sucker open. The teriyaki sauce provided a lovely sweetness to the burger – just that bit of “oomph” to make it outstanding. The onion strings were totally perfect on here and the bacon was very nice and crisp. The burger meat itself was awesome – made with a 1/2 lb angus beef patty – well seasoned, juicy and not overdone. It comes on a kaiser bun that’s toasted (in butter) which offers a lovely outer package to seal the deal.

It was messy to eat, having sauce drip everywhere, but it managed to stay together while I ate my half. Sharing was an excellent idea.

Also, if angus beef isn’t your thing, you can substitute it with chicken, turkey or a veggie patty. They’ve got 30 creations on the menu plus add-ons if you want extras!

I’ll definitely be back to try out some other items. Besides, going to Santee gives me a great excuse to also stop by Mary’s Donuts for desserts. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about that place yet.

Anny’s Fine Burgers
9862 Mission Gorge Rd.
Santee, CA 92071

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6 thoughts on “anny’s fine burger / santee – san diego, ca

  1. I don’t know how I feel about parmesan on a cheesesteak… even if it’s not a “real” cheesesteak because it’s using bulgogi beef. No, I don’t think I like the idea of parmesan on sliced beef, period.

    But, that burger looks delicious! And I would totally make a trip to Santee for burgers and Mary’s donuts.

  2. Hi Leanne – The cheese on it was weird. To me, it was like covering up the great flavor of the beef! Anytime we ever go to Santee, it’s now required that we stop at Mary’s Donuts 🙂

    Hi CC – OH YEAH! I still need to go to Sab-e-Lee! 🙂

  3. Aside from Mary’s Donuts and a stop by Sonic for their drinks, I always thought Santee was a culinary wasteland. But these burgers look so good. I’m with C.C. — Korean meat without the cheese!

  4. Wow, Santee is turning out to be a food destination! Maybe I was a little too quick to hustle out of there after I graduated high school. The onion strings on that burger look great! And speaking of salt and pepper fries, there is a place in Imperial Beach that makes salt and pepper french fries the same way they do salt and pepper wings. They’re awesome!

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