tasty things in life: bruschetta

After Sam’s show last month, I got home and found myself craving a little something-something for my tummy. I wasn’t full-blown hungry but I also wanted something with a little more “oomph” than just a bowl of pretzels. I stood in the kitchen for a second before realizing that I had all of the ingredients to make something simple and delicious. I could make bruschetta!

I toasted up some sourdough bread while I chopped up my ingreidents: fresh hothouse tomato, red onion, garlic, and a bunch of fresh basil from the garden. Add in a douse of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and it’s pretty much done by the time the bread has been toasted. Use a cut up piece of garlic to rub on the bread, top with filler, and eat. Man oh man. It is so good. It is so tasty. It is so worth it!

2 thoughts on “tasty things in life: bruschetta

  1. I always have tomatoes, onions, and garlic on hand, but never have basil. I’m so jealous of your basil plant! Anything that I try to grow always dies 🙁

  2. I can’t take the credit for the plant since it’s from my parents garden. Their the ones with the green thumbs! Apparently this gift hasn’t been passed down to me yet so I just share in their bounty, haha.

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