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More food truck visits!

I’ve taken a liking to the food truck thing, if you can’t tell.

Next up – a visit to Two for the Road! Why did I decide to start visiting this food truck? Well, mostly because it’s comes sort of close to my work and because of this thing on their menu called “Cap N’ Crunch Crab Cakes”. Whaaaat? Oh yeah!

[A peek at Two for the Road’s menu, which is always subject to change!]

In addition to that tasty looking menu, they also offer Route 11 potato chips, retro sodas and Cravory cookies!

[Cap N’ Crunch Crab Cakes – deep fried cake cakes in a crunch cap n’ crunch batter, served with spicy lime mango – $8]

On my first visit to Two for the Road, I opted on trying out the crab cakes and sprung for a half order of Parmesan fries for an extra $1.50. Right there, I like the option of adding a small order of fries to all of their meals. You can get a full order for $3 but a half order is just the right amount. I also really like the way the do their Parmesan fries. The Parmesan is grated and totally coats and sticks to their fries. The fries are crispy and have that sort of extra coating (akin to Burger King’s) and are very good.

[inside of the Cap N’ Crunch crab cake]

Now back to the crab cake! Here’s a view of the inside of one of the crab cakes (you get two with your order). They’re little medallions of goodness, waiting for you dig in and enjoy. Now, they do use imitation crab for their cakes but this didn’t really bother me at all. If it bugs you or you’re not into it, you may not dig this but you’d be missing out. The Cap N’ Crunch coating gives the crab cakes an extra crunch and sweetness which pairs really well with in the inner ingredients. It’s got a bit of a sweet outside going on with a savory inside and the whole package just worked really well to me. Very good flavors and crunch – I really dug this dish!

[chocolate truffle cravory cookie]

Mmm. Cookies.

[Classic American Buger – 1/2 lb. burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and thousand island on a grilled brioche bun – $5 / add Tillamook cheddar for $1]

On another visit, I decided to try out their plain old regular American burger. I got it sans cheese (though I’d surly spring the extra buck for cheese in the future) and just as-is, even though I’m usually weary of thousand island sauce. The thousand island actually didn’t bug me at all, mostly because there were no pickles to steal the good flavors away (bleach, pickles).

The burger was very juicy and cooked well with some fresh toppings to round it all off. And for $5, this might be one of the cheapest burgers I’ve seen on a food truck menu and it totally rivals a “restaurant burger”. The brioche bun gives it a little fanciness without going overboard and is a really solid choice for lunch.

[“pankcakes”, or pancakes and bacon cravory cookie]

Misspellings make me laugh.

[Jumbo Hot Dog – all beef kosher frank on a grilled split top bun, onions & request on request – $4. Add saurkraut for .75 cents]

On another visit I was going to try the Lobster Roll, but this week they were out of it! I opted to go super simple though and picked up this Jumbo Hot Dog for lunch instead. This is a pretty hefty hot dog with a good snap to it when you first bite into it. The bun is also warmed/grilled on the outside, making for a nice, toasty dog for your belly. Maybe it’s weird to just get a hot dog for lunch, but damn, this thing was pretty darn good.

Two for the Road is serving up some good, classically American food. Some of their menu items change from week to week, so check out their Facebook or Twitter to get the most up to date menu to see what they’re serving up and where about town they’ll be serving lunch.

Two for the Road

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  1. I’m of the belief that Cap N’ Crunch coating is genius but I never thought to use it on crab cakes! And I’m always looks for hot dogs with satisfying snap. Interested to see how their lobster rolls hold up too.

    1. I’ve never thought to use Cap N’ Crunch for anything else than eating it out of a bowl, so I was pleasantly surprised by the dish. I did want to try the lobster roll before posting but it didn’t work out! I didn’t want to mess up my themed week!

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