tasty things in life: shrimp po’ boy from devilicious food truck

On a recent visit to the Devilicious food truck, they had some new offerings, including a Pork Schnitzel sandwich and a Shrimp Po’ boy Sandwich. I originally wanted to get the Pork Schnitzel, but the guy ahead of me ordered the last one and so I “settled” for the Shrimp Po’ boy. Boy oh boy I’m glad I settled!

The thing I love about the food from Devilicious is the attention to detail paid for the food they make. They use all fresh ingredients and good bread that’s grilled up, giving their sandwiches a nice extra crunch and another layer of flavor. The shrimp used here were battered and fried – perfectly crunchy and juicy. It comes with lettuce, tomato and their signature sauce to make a beautiful and delicious sandwich.

Not sure how long they’ll have the Shrimp Po’ boy around – hope you can get one sometime! I know I’ll be going to get my fix today!

5 thoughts on “tasty things in life: shrimp po’ boy from devilicious food truck

  1. Hi Tricia – Devilicious has a lot of good items on their menu – hope you catch them sometime!

    Hi Kirbie – It’s tasty. I like much more than the lobster mac cheese! Though I prefer shrimp to lobster anyway.

    Hi Alyssa – I haven’t seen it on their menu recently but hopefully they’ll bring it back for a spell.

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