tasty things in life: tortilla soup from islands

Sometimes for lunch, I just want something simple and I don’t want anything from the office kitchen. When I want some warm and comforting and on the cheap, I go to Islands and get a bowl of their Tortilla Soup.

[Chicken & fresh vegetables, topped w/jack cheese, avocado & tortilla strips]

For $3 and change you get this bowl of warm goodness. It’s got cheese, tortilla strips and bites of avocado and tons of chicken. It’s just a little spicy – not too much – and is pretty satisfying on it’s own. Though I usually also get a small order of their skin-on fries because I can’t help myself. The small order of fries is about $1.79, so this meal clocks in at just over $5. Not bad for a sit-down lunch.

Where do you like to go for a quick, cheap lunch in San Diego?

3 thoughts on “tasty things in life: tortilla soup from islands

  1. I got my mom hooked on this soup (before the whole pescetarian thing took over me) and she’s been getting friends and family hooked on it too! Is it still unlimited refills?

  2. Hi Alyssa – If you get the big bowl, then it’s unlimited refills. I usually just eat one bowl, so I get the “small” bowl (they’re the same size, just one has refills). I almost went again for soup today, but I decided it was too hot out for soup!

  3. Anything with carbs and free is a great lunch. Jasmine Express on Convoy has super, cheap fried rice. That is a meal in itself. But the tortilla soup you have here looks even better!

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