A Fund for Jennie Auction: San Diego Food Bloggers’ Basket

Communities, whether they are the neighborhood you live in, a group of close friends or a virtual community you belong to, can be a comfort and an inspiration. Having people around you who support you can make such a difference in your life, from support in what you’re doing, cheering for an accomplishment, or helping you through a tough time. Being a part of the food blogger community in small ways has helped me to feel more inspired, more hopeful and feel that there are people to connect to.

Food bloggers are rallying around a fellow blogger named Jennie and her daughters, who has been grieving the sudden loss of her husband, Mikey. She asked bloggers to make a peanut butter pie for a loved one  to help her healing process, and to hold your loved one tight. Even though I have never met Jennie, I felt her loss and it touched me and reminded me to hold my loved ones a little bit closer. Seeing the outpouring of posts of peanut butter pies throughout the many blogs I read was inspiring and I was sad I haven’t participated yet. But I have the opportunity to participate in a small way with a food blogger auction.

There’s an organization called Bloggers without Borders which helps bloggers connect  and assist with other bloggers in need. They’ve created a project to create a fund of Jennie and her daughters, with bloggers holding auctions to raise funds.

Marie of Meandering Eats is hosting the auction for the San Diego Food Bloggers’ Basket and the auction is her website.

The basket includes:

  • Reusable totes from San Diego Zoo and chocolates from local chocolatier Eclipse Chocolat from Jenny of Vintage Sugarcube
  • Fish taco kit (spices, sauce, tortillas, and recipe) and an apron from Amy of Do You Know the Muffin Pan?
  • Candied jalapenos, tomato jam, and bacon brownies from Leanne of Three Dog Kitchen
  • Meyer lemon baby Bundt cakes made with homegrown Meyer lemons (made by me)
  • San Diego Chargers cap from Lori of Recipe Girl
  • Temecula Olive Oil Company olive oil/balsamic vinegar set from Kristin of Life & Food
  • Just Grill This! cookbook by San Diego’s Sam the Cooking Guy from Susanne of Lil Ms. Sunshine
  • Three homemade chutneys: mango, cherry apricot, and rhubarb from Liz of Liz the Chef
  • Starbucks gift card from Lisa of The Gonzo Gourmet
  • Handmade greeting cards featuring San Diego locales from Kim of Liv Life Too
  • Three 24 oz. bottles of San Diego craft brews from Marie of Meandering Eats

If you’re interested in bidding on the San Diego Food Bloggers’ Basket to support a family in need, please visit Marie’s site to bidThe auction will be open until Friday, September 2, at 11:59pm PST and bidding starts at $150.

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