the tasty things in life: buffalo chicken wings from rosaria pizza

This week’s tasty thing in life are these buffalo chicken wings from Rosaria Pizza in Mission Beach.

Almost every time we go to Rosaria Pizza now I want to order these buffalo chicken wings. They are crispy and a slight crunch on the outside, meaty, juicy and just spicy enough. They aren’t super spicy but still needs a dunk in some cooling sauce. It leaves a slight burn inside your mouth, but nothing that hurts (which is my preference). I love them!

What’s your favorite appetizer to order when you go out to eat?

4 thoughts on “the tasty things in life: buffalo chicken wings from rosaria pizza

  1. I think I’m kind of jealous that you try all these places. We keep saying we’ll get out more, and when we do, it’s usually to the same places. Fave appetizer depends on the place, but hot artichoke dip is great and so is hummus. I wouldn’t turn down wings, though 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly – Believe me, sometimes it’s a struggle to get my BF to try new places. But I usually manage to convince him! Some places are hits and others are misses but it’s all fun! Artichoke dip (with lots of cheese!) is great and so is hummus! With lots of garlic, please!

    1. I also like anything calamari! I used to really be into potato skins but yeah, not so much anymore. Anything with cheese also makes me happy.

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