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Thanks to my Groupon for San Diego Desserts, I got $15 worth of desserts for $5. Really, that’s a deal I could not pass up.

I have seen this bakery for quite some time. My boyfriend lives in the area so we pass by it a lot. He’s not much of a dessert eater (!!) and I hadn’t really thought of going there before. Getting a Groupon made it worth while though and one night I made him stop over at San Diego Desserts so we could pick up a few things to enjoy over the weekend.

They’ve got a big display case with all of their offerings neatly stacked together. Most of the tarts/cakes and the like are $4.75 each. The baklava we got is $2 a piece. Cookies and things cost less, but vary on what you pick. We got: a Cheesecake, a Carrot Cake, a rolled Pistachio Baklava and a Macadamia Nut Bombe.


Clockwise from left: Cheesecake, Macadamia Nut Bombe, Carrot Cake and Pistachio Baklava.


The cheesecake was sort of like … a cheesecake with a sponge cake on the bottom and a sour cream type layer on top. Not what we were hoping for or expecting. It had a light flavor, not overpowering or too rich, but kind of fell flat for us since we were thinking of the whole thing being cheesecake, not just part of it.


The Macadamia Nut Bombe is a cake covered in a chocolate shell, with macadamia nuts piled on top and are also baked into the cake (they’re at the top of the photo, just under the chocolate shell). There’s a sort of mousse inside as well with a spongy cake layer for the bottom. Quite rich tasting. I think I was expecting chocolate on the inside. I’m not sure what it was, but I ate this but I wasn’t really into it. The macadamia’s inside the cake were quite soft and didn’t give me the crunch I was expecting. Oh well.


The carrot cake was way too sweet for me to eat on the first day. With three layer of cream cheese frosting, it was too much when eaten in conjunction with the other desserts. I liked it more the second day when I wasn’t already filled with sugar. I think the three layers of frosting is a bit of overkill, but who am I to complain? The carrot cake itself was moist and flavorful. I could have done without the raisins, but they didn’t get in my way, either.


This one, the one with the worse photo of the lot, was our favorite, the pistachio baklava. We didn’t even know what it was at first, it looked like some kind of cookie cigar. We were surprised to find out it was baklava, since it was rolled inside of in that familiar square form. Very crisp, full of honey flavors and crunchy nuts, this one didn’t last past the first night. We slowly ate the other three desserts over the weekend, but the baklava was gone in a flash.

They also have lunch and dinner menus here as well as wine if you want to come and sit on their patio for dinner, drinks and dessert.

San Diego Desserts
5987 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92115

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