free food on your birthday: rubio’s

When you sign up for Rubio’s Beach Club, you get special offers from time to time and notifications on when they have specials or are trying out new menu items. And for your birthday, they give you $7 towards anything on the menu. With a lot of their menu items priced under $7, it’s easy to get a pretty good deal out of this birthday freebie.

I decided to go for something that was $7.99 though and had to pay a little bit for my extravagance. I opted to try their Grilled Gourmet Taco Plate – you get your choice of two different Grilled Gourmet tacos and I went for the Grilled Chicken and the Garlic Herbed Shrimp, both with bacon. Since I’m picky about sauces, I had the two hot sounding sounds placed on the side and I added a teeny bit to my tacos for a very small kick. The tacos were very good – they had cheese grilled into the tortillas and then had the meat and avacado slices places right in there. I really liked the shrimp one – the shrimp were large, juicy and cooked just right. Along with this plate, you get beans and chips which I ate a little bit of. I used my side haberno citrus salsa to dip my chips into, but only a tad, since it was a bit spicy for my tastes.

My total for this birthday celebrating meal was a whopping $1.07. I didn’t buy a drink, so that saved me another buck or two. All in all a generous coupon and well worth the trip.

9254 Scranton Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121
Multiple locations

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