The Churro Dog at Churros El Tigre | San Ysidro

I needed some new shoes and I nicely asked Jake if we could pretty please go to the outlet mall down in San Ysidro. I’m a lucky girl and Jake doesn’t complain even one bit. Besides, he doesn’t mind shopping down there as long as we also go to the Nike outlet store. We walked by our favorite churro place at the outlet mall, Churros el Tigre, and noticed a new item: The Churro Dog.

We took one look at the photo and Jake said, “Do you want to try that?” and I said, “Uh, yeah.”

The Churro Dog from Churros el Tigre | San Ysrido - San Diego, CA

It is a hot dog. Wrapped in churros. OF COURSE I would want to try this!

I loved how it looked too – with the churros swirled around the hot dog in a cool spiral shape.

The Churro Dog from Churros el Tigre | San Ysrido - San Diego, CA

You can see the end of the hot dog peeking at the end of the Churro Dog. It’s just saying hi, please eat me immediately. It looked almost blackened which worried me a little bit. But FEAR NOT my friends! It’s only darkened because of the bath it took in the hot frying oil. 

The Churro Dog from Churros el Tigre | San Ysrido - San Diego, CA

Eating the churro dog is kind of like eating a corn dog but the batter is 100 times better because it’s churros! The churros are crispy and crunchy and have cinnamon sugar dusting the outside. The cinnamon sugar coating is a lot lighter than a normal order of churros.

The Churro Dog from Churros el Tigre | San Ysrido - San Diego, CA

While on the outside, the hot dog looked charred I can tell you that the hot dog stuffed inside the churro dog was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and the whole thing had an awesome savory-sweet thing going on that I just loved. It was kind of hard to eat the churro dog since it’s pretty wide, but you can just take little bites and still get the benefit of the sweet churro batter with the savory hot dog. The churros are light, fluffy, and really crunchy. Jake, T, and I loved the churro dog much more than we thought we would! It kicked ass!

If you find yourself down at the Las Americas Premium Outlet doing shoe shopping, then do yourself a favor and hit up Churros el Tigre. The churro dog might be our new favorite thing, but a bag of fresh, hot churros is also a winner. Get the churros with cajeta dip if you really want to indulge! The churros at Churros el Tigre are still some of the best churros we have had state-side!

Churros el Tigre
Inside Las Americas Premium Outlets
4211 Camino de la Plaza
San Diego, CA 92173

Mon-Sat: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Sun: 10:00am – 7:00pm

6 thoughts on “The Churro Dog at Churros El Tigre | San Ysidro

  1. I was relieved when I saw the hot dog after you took a bite. It really did looked burned! I’m surprised they don’t have this item at the Fair or something (omg, did I just come up with the next chicken charlies item). I’ve always wanted to try El Tigre. Were they also just that cart somewhere in nowhere that sold churros?

    1. I totally thought the hot dog was burned, too, but thankfully it wasn’t! I also thought this should be something that’s at the fair! I like that they swirl the churro batter around the dog though, it looks much more dramatic. The owner, Louie, used to own a market near 25th and Imperial that had the Churros el Tigre cart outside. But the market closed. I have seen the cart at the Spring Valley swap meet in addition to this permanent booth at the outlet mall. I believe they have two booths at the outlet mall now – one does all drinks and the other does the food.

    1. Hi CC – The one we tried didn’t have very much sugar/cinnamon on it so the outer part wasn’t overly sweet (which I liked). Always worth a try, I say!

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