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Amazingly I have never blogged about Pho Cow Cali even though I’ve been here oh so very many times. There are a few places I frequent that I never blogged about but I’m unsure why. I need to fix that, starting with this post! I honestly hadn’t been to Pho Cow Cali in awhile but last week I was craving it badly. 

Rice vermicelli with egg rolls and bbq pork at Pho Cow Cali | San Diego, CA

[rice vermicelli with egg rolls and bbq pork / $7.35]

I actually don’t usually order Pho when I’m here, but rather I get one of the búns. It’s a dish that I like to think of as appetizer and meal all in one. I usually order it with the egg rolls and bbq pork. They also have it with grilled shrimp, but I prefer the pork and egg rolls. Usually I fish all of the egg rolls out and eat them first since they’re fried. I want to eat them while still crispy! Sometimes I’ll eat them with the dish or, as I did this time around, I just ate them straight as an appetizer.

On the bottom there’s a bunch of fresh lettuce, mint leaves and bean sprouts. It comes with cold rice vermicelli noodles and a side of tasty sauce that you pour all over it. Mix well and dig in, it’s a ton of food! It’s almost like a noodle salad when you mix it all up. I always like their grilled bbq pork here, it’s got a nice flavor and just enough little fatty bits to make you happy. The flavors are so fresh and bright and I love the bits of mint and green onion for that little pop of flavor.

Espresso Drip | Pho Cow Cali - San Diego, CA

[espresso with condensed milk / $2.75]

I also gave in to my desire of iced coffee – well, iced espresso, really. They give it to you like this, so you must sit and wait for your drink to be done as it drips slowly into the condensed milk. Gosh, that’s a lot of condensed milk. I remember why I don’t get this very often (it’s so good though).

Iced Coffee | Pho Cow Cali - San Diego, CA

I mix it up in the smaller glass and then pour it over the ice. It’s really strong but the condensed milk helps make it creamy and sweet and I love it oh-so-much.

Pho Cow Cali, I’ll try not to stay away for so long next time. I forgot how much I like you.

Pho Cow Cali
9170 Mira Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92126

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6 thoughts on “pho cow cali – mira mesa

  1. This was my dad’s favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Mira Mesa. The lines were always SO long for this place too (which is a great sign right). I’ve never ordered the rice vermicelli but it looks like a great deal here. The plates I get don’t ever seem to include the egg rolls.

    Vietnamese iced coffee IS THE BEST isn’t it. Sis loves it so bad. I swear it’s the condensed milk. It’d be pretty blah without it.

    1. Hi Faye – Yes, this place is always busy! I like getting the vermicelli dish to go sometimes because I can usually break it up into two meals. I love Vietnamese iced coffee, the condensed milk makes it sooooooo creamy and luscious. It’s not good for you but man it sure does taste so good!

  2. I used to go to this place a lot, back when it was still called Pho Hoa Calli. Bert used to work u p here and I would join him and a few other friends for lunch here. I really like their bun with beef (I think they put bits of fat in it; Phuong Trang on Convoy does that too, but they roll up their beef around a green onion stalk). Whenever we get cafe sua da, we always ask for it “strong” (with less of the condensed milk). Yeah, it keeps me up, haha.

    1. I don’t think I’ve had the coffee “strong” before. Oh man, I bet it is super strong since it’s already pretty intense with the condensed milk. I never really just how much they put in until I saw the drip coffee version like this. A little crazy but it’s so good. I haven’t been to Phuong Trang in a long time, I remember I like their wings.

  3. That coffee is just what I need on a hot day like this. Those egg rolls look awesome, too. Love them when they are super crunchy! We lived right down the street from this place and never went. 🙁

    1. Seriously, why it’s so hot. Certain places are under 5 feet of snow and we’re sweating over here! It actually took me years to even go here, if that makes you feel any better! There are some places I’ve never been to in Mira Mesa. I should fix that!

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