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crave expo – los angeles


Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 11+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

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  1. Lynn says:

    hey mary,

    how do you determine whether to blur out a person’s face? do they specifically ask you to or do you ask them first? i was wondering if you brought containers but i guess not! desserts are perfect to go hehe.

    the room with the blue lighting… makes for weird photo lighting. whose silly idea was that? oh well. still looks like lots of delicious samples! september has lots of food things so i’m preparing myself for all the activities!

    • mary says:

      Hi Lynn! If I specifically ask someone for their photo, then I won’t blur it out (so yes, anyone who’s featured here let me take their photo). I blur out everyone else. I wish I had thought to bring containers but they didn’t really tell us a whole lot about the event beforehand. The cookies were an easy to take dessert to bring back.

      Yeah, the blue/dark room was really hard for photos but it still have a cool effect for the room. Luckily there were not a ton of caterers in that area. I must now always bring “just in case” containers!

  2. What a fun event! Lots of interesting choices. For the puff pastry adobo puffs, what that Filipino or Mexican style adobo? Just curious.

    • mary says:

      Hi CC! It was a fun event, even though we had to try and avoid traffic later (next post!) we had a lot of fun. The adobo was Filipino style.

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