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After my grandfather’s funeral and a large buffet dinner with the family, my mom and I left with my aunts (my mom’s sisters) to head to Southhampton, MA (which is on the western side of MA) while my dad stayed with his family for another night. The next day my cousins took me out for a little afternoon joyride and took me to see cows (!!) and get ice cream. YES.

happy massachusetts trees

[pretty trees in my aunt’s backyard]

auntie;s backyard

[looking down into my aunt’s backyard from the house – SO MUCH SPACE]

flayvors of cook farm - hadley, ma

sundae sizes at flayvors

This is the outside window for ordering but no one seemed to be taking orders at this window that day (at least, not until later). Anyone want to split an El Gordo with me? It’s only seven scoops…

Also: a “Frappe” is really what we call a “Milkshake”. If you order a milkshake in this part of the country, they will give you shaken milk (like chocolate milk). No joke.

flayvors flavors menu

Flavors at Flayvors!

other ice cream creations at flayvors

Handmade signs for various other treats. I would totally have bought Maya a “Woofer” if she had been with me.

seasonal flavors at flayvors - hadley, ma

I seriously wished I had tried all of these flavors in retrospect, but I did not. I have no idea what “Debby’s Downfall” is. I bet it involves chocolate.

hadley grass asparagus ice cream at flayvors

But I did try this… the “Hadley’s Grass” aka asparagus ice cream. It’s like a lemon-lime color and it was incredibly stringy and tasted very earthy. I could sort of taste the flavor of asparagus mingled with grass along with sweetness. It was creamy once you got past the stringy part but one little taste was honestly enough for me. I should have tried this LAST so I wouldn’t have been discouraged to try more. Or maybe I was excited about seeing cows… who knows.

inside flayvors of cook farm

More flavors! In addition to ice cream they also serve lunch and also sell raw milk.

ice cream cups

These are the scoops my cousins and I got.

sally's coffee grounds with caramel me ice cream at flayvors

This is mine. The top is called “Sally’s Coffee Grounds” which is coffee ice cream with crushed cookies in it. It was delicious! I loved the coffee flavor (which was strong) mixed with the crunch of the cookies.

Underneath is “Caramel Me” a caramel ice cream that I thought was just okay. The flavor was a little on the weaker side and it was a little too much on the sweet side for me. It needed some sea salt in my opinion!

black raspberry chip - flayvors

This is my cousin’s Black Raspberry Chip (I don’t remember if she got something else under it).

peanut butter chocolate - flayvors

And my other cousin got Chocolate Peanut Butter which I was immensely jealous of after I ate all of my coffee grounds and only had the dumb caramel left. Why oh why didn’t I get Chocolate Peanut Butter, my favorite flavor of all time?! Because I was trying to do something new. Damn me!


My cousin snapped a couple of photos of me with the cows on the dairy farm before we went and ate all of our ice cream. Then, MORE COWS!


This cow licked me. It felt like sandpaper, like when a cat or a dog licks you. But like… way more tongue. It was kind of gross and sort of fascinating all at once.


The cow seemed to like my petting.


The ice cream stand is right next to the dairy farm, which is a real honest to goodness working farm. Many cows!


Baby cow is like, “Hey, chicken, get me out of here! Why do you get to walk around free and I don’t?! This it total BS!”

And then I totally thought of Cow and Chicken. Heh heh.


Here is one more cow who is definitely NOT a horse (Faye).


Apparently he had an itchy head.

I loved going to Flayvors and checking out the farm, the cows, and eating deliciously creamy ice cream! Thanks to my cousins Kathleen and EJ for taking me out to visit cows and see farm land. Yay!

Flayvors of Cook Farm
129 S Maple St.
Hadley, MA 01035
(413) 584-2224

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8 Responses

  1. Great post! It’s cool so see a working farm complete with a creamery! Yay for the cows!

    The flavor selection was interesting as well. I would have tried that asparagus as a sample too but not as an actual scoop. Uh…no.

    I used to eat chocolate ice cream with a side of PB! Good times, haha.

    • mary says:

      Hi CC – Yes, they definitely had a lot of interesting flavors here, plenty I hadn’t seen before. I should have sampled more things but I was antsy to go look at the cows or something, haha. I wonder if a lot of people order the asparagus… I mean, someone MUST order it for them to keep making it!

      When I have ice cream at home, I will totally melt PB in the microwave and then mix it into my ice cream. Yum, yum ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think asparagus ice cream sounds quite vile! Imagine the after effect if you eat a lot of it too, haha.
        Well someone out there likes it.

        I like when the pb gets hardened by the coldness of the ice cream. smooth pb but crunchy will also work fine.

        • mary says:

          Haha! Poor asparagus and it’s after effects. I’ll just continue eating my asparagus in regular, vegetable format. I’m sure there are people that LOVE it! I like when the PB gets hardened, too, or when there are big ribbons of pb in the ice cream. Mmm!

  2. Kathleen says:

    We’ve been going to Flayvors for as long as I can remember (it helps that it’s right down the road from us) and I’m glad we got to bring you there and that you enjoyed it! In my cup the black raspberry chip was actually on the bottom, and the top is a scoop of Inez which is coconut ice cream with chocolate chips and almonds! I should’ve let you try some, it’s delicious. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods again we’ll have to go back!

    • mary says:

      Hi Kathleen! Ohhh, the top looked like black raspberry from the little purplish swirl ๐Ÿ™‚ If I am ever by again, I’m definitely trying MORE flavors and NOT trying the Hadley Grass again hahah. Thanks again for taking me!

  3. Faye says:

    I never realized milkshake = shaken milk. Hmm. I would die laughing if they literally shake a pint container of milk and hand it to me.

    The coffee ice cream looks best . Reminds me of baskins Jamoca ice cream but with extra fudge (in the first pic).

    That one cow is an outta shape Seabiscuit. He’s a husky horse. You are mistaken ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mary says:

      Hi Faye – I swear it’s only in New England with the milkshake thing. Once I was at a restaurant with my ex and he ordered a milkshake and got chocolate milk. I forgot to warn him, haha.

      The coffee ice cream was so good! I also liked how it really tasted like coffee, not like “coffee-ish”. The cookies were a really yummy addition.

      Hahaha… out of shape Seabiscuit… that was awesome. Clearly all he needs to do is run a few laps around the barn and he’ll be looking more like his old self. ๐Ÿ™‚

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