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Merry Christmas!@#! It’s like in the 70’s here in San Diego and as I was running around doing some last minute things on Christmas Eve I actually turned on the A/C in my car. We are so freaking spoiled here, I love it.


I’m doing a quick round up on my Christmas goodies this year. First up: these super cute Snickerdoodle Reindeer cookies. Usually I do Peanut Butter, but I had the sugar cookie dough and I was too lazy to make another batch of cookies. These have chocolate covered pretzels for the “antlers”, little chocolate pearls I got from Whole Foods for the eyes and used red heart quins turned upside down for Rudolph’s nose.


Jake told me recently that these Snickersnaps are his favorite… which I didn’t know since he never told me! I made sure to make a few of these just for him.


These Peppermint Oreo cookies are new for the lineup this year. I made some last week for Jake’s softball team and these are a bit fancied up since they use the holiday Oreo’s that have the red filling. The red streak of color gives them a bit of pop and the vanilla pudding included in the mix helps keep them soft on the inside. Andes chocolates give it the minty kick. There were supposed to be white chocolate chips in here but somehow I misplaced/lost the bag… so I just left them out.


And finally… I made these Chocolate Turtle cookies. It’s a chocolate cookie rolled in crushed pecans with a bit of caramel in the middle. You use a teaspoon to make the indentation to fill in the caramel. I might have eaten a whole bunch of caramel while making these…

Wishing you a fabulously beautiful and very Merry Christmas to you and yours today!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Jake, the kids and your family! 🙂 Hope you had a great one! We’re just relaxing now and watching Henry Cavill, I mean “Man of Steel”, haha.

    Your cookies, as always, look fantastic, especially those turtle ones! ((drool))

      1. This is probably the ONLY Superman movie I’ll see. Just forward it to all of the shirtless scenes with Henry Cavill (look up youtube and check out his Dunhill London fragrance ad….nice!). O.M.G…..

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