my favorite childhood treat: pocky!

Simple post time! Mostly because I want to go finish this book I’m reading called Reboot. It’s basically a book about a girl who died and was “rebooted” and came back to life – now she’s stronger and faster before, almost kind of like a vampire… but not a vampire. More like a human devoid of emotions. There’s a thread of dystopia running through the novel and I have only a few chapters left until I’m done! Hence the short post!

Also a quick reminder: I’ve got two giveaways up and running if you haven’t entered either one yet! One is for a $50 gift card to Daphne’s California Greek Cafe and the other is a $50 gift card to Whole Foods! Onto the pocky!


I had to go and get my car serviced and afterward I decided to stop over at Mitsuwa to pick up a few goodies. I noticed these Matcha Pocky. I’ve seen the Green Tea flavored ones before that were fatter and had more coating on them (I, for the record, don’t like the fatter coater ones). Jake seems to like green tea flavored things (ice cream at least) so I got this for us to try over the weekend. They also had these new “Pocky’s friend” boxes called pejoy which have cream inside the stick. Also to try this weekend.


Also two new boxes I have never seen before. The right box was simple to decipher since it says “Milk Chocolate” right on the box. I believe the regular red-boxed Pocky is more of a semi-sweet chocolate. This is pretty much similar to the original, except with that sweeter milk chocolate coating on the sticks.

The one on the left didn’t seem to have any identifying differences, other than a close up photo of a piece of Pocky with a bunch of milk splashed all over the box. A little internet digging told me that these are “Milk Chocolate Crust Pocky”.


You probably can’t really tell that well from this semi-blurry photo, but the difference with this Pocky is that it’s got more of a pretzel like flavor. There’s more biscuit than coating and this had a more distinct crunch and snap when biting into it. The milk chocolate is sweet and I liked the extra crunch it had. In comparsion, the milk chocolate one is more of a 1 to 1 ratio between biscuit and coating and the coating can easily dwarf the biscuit, which is thinner than this one. I really liked it!


And a box of Pandy Pocky, in case you have never seen it. It’s sort of like cookie and cream Pocky, with a chocolate biscuit and a vanilla coating with bits of cookie/chocolate. It’s yummy.

They had a few other flavors I had seen before but the other new ones I saw (but didn’t photo) were these mini, stubby looking Pocky which said “midi” on the box. They had chocolate (in a little blue box) and green tea midi Pocky, they just looked like short stubby versions of that Pocky with the extra thick coating that I don’t like that much. I didn’t get either of those, obviously.

Pocky was my favorite growing up. We used to live in Encanto and the only Asian markets we went to back then were either Woo Chee Chong in Downtown (now a uniform store) or Seafood City in National City. I would always ask for a box of Pocky or De la Rosa peanut marizapan candy. Those were my absolute favorite! Everything seemed right with the world when I had either of those two treats. And of course, back then there were only two flavors of Pocky: chocolate or strawberry! I waffled back and forth about which one I liked better, I think I liked the strawberry just a tiny bit more.  What were your favorite treats growing up?

4 thoughts on “my favorite childhood treat: pocky!

  1. My sis and I grew up on Pocky too. We adored it (just the regular ones dipped in chocolate). I’ve wanted to try the Matcha Pocky but it’s kinda pricey isn’t it? The ones I saw were imported from Japan I think. Did it taste more sweet than bitter?

    I bought the panda pocky for my friend’s daughter and she loved it. I just loved the box it came in 🙂

    1. The Matcha Pocky was on sale at Mitsuwa yesterday for $1.49 a box. The prices there ranged from $1.49 to $2.39 a box, depending on which flavor you got. Not too bad, really. I think at Lucky Seafood in Mira Mesa the single (only one package) box of Pocky is 99 cents so I don’t think this costs much more. I haven’t actually had the Matcha one yet, I’m waiting until I see Jake so we can share it!

  2. My favorite pocky flavor besides the original is the “Men’s” pocky. it’s covered in dark and slightly bitter chocolate. why it’s called “men’s”, i have no idea but i like it. the box is dark green and you can find it at Mitsuwa, Nijiya and also Marukai.

    Favorite childhood treats were my dad’s homemade hand pies and my mom’s bibingka. we didn’t get a lot of candy treats while growing up. but now as adults, yeah, watch out, heh heh.

    I like the round powdered peanut butter Mexican candy too. the one with the rose on it (mazapan)

    1. I always wondered why that called that one “men'” haha. Seemed so odd! I’m not a big dark chocolate fan so I’ve never tried that one! My other favorite was chocodiles!

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