[road trip] flurries shaved snow bar / cypress – orange county, ca

For dinner during our little road trip, we revisited Peking Restaurant, a Chinese place we really liked. Heading back to the hotel, right across the street from our hotel actually, I saw this place called Flurries Shaved Snow Bar. Guess where we went for dessert? You better believe it!


This was a spur of the moment dessert and we just shared one thing since we still had donuts back in our room. We weren’t sure what to get and then we asked the guy working the counter what his favorite was and he told us the Cookie Monster but with almonds. That sounded pretty good to me so we ordered that. Too bad we didn’t actually get it…


I noticed there was some neat artwork inside the store.



And they also had their own line of t-shirts. “Flurry Monster!” I kind of wanted one of these, but resisted.


[cookies & cream – $4]

Here’s our shaved snow… somehow I didn’t notice until the end that we did not get what we ordered. I did like the nice tall bit of whipped cream though. We ordered the Cookie Monster which was supposed to have chocolate snow and chocolate sauce but we ended up with the Cookies & Cream.


Here’s a layer of milk snow. It was sort of ribbon-like at first and you can sort of still see the layers. This had a really, really mild flavor – like, too mild if you ask me.  It was supposed to have vanilla sauce, but as you can see, it’s totally sauce-less. It really needed a sauce to bring it together.


Further into the layers we got the crushed oreo cookies plus almonds. I think whoever made this got confused since Cookie Monster and Cookies & Cream both have oreo’s in it. But still… no sauce?!

I got bored eating this since it tasted pretty bland. Maybe another flavor or different topping (and SAUCE) would have helped this out… but as it was, I didn’t really enjoy it. It wasn’t as good as the snow ice I’ve had near my house. Boo.


Oh well, it’s still fun to try new things.

Flurries Shaved Snow Bar
5950 Corporate Ave #200
Cypress, CA 90630


mary likes baking.

6 Responses

  1. Ooh, very cool! I also noticed they had ‘halo halo’ on their menu board. i wonder if the owners are Filipino or are “in the know” about Filipino dessert tastes/demographic (maybe Cypress has a big FIlipino population or something). Cool artwork too!

    At least you guys tried this place. 🙂

  2. Darlene says:

    I am still unconvinced about snow. It always seems to look like a lot but realistically isn’t much at all. Sorry to hear about the lack of sauce. What a bummer.

    • mary says:

      I was kind of irked about the sauce, if you couldn’t tell. I probably could have asked for it, but oh well, I didn’t. I like the shaved snow at Yogurt Swirl in Mira Mesa a lot! They put it on a plate (at least, the large size) and you can see it’s a lot. It does look like not very much in a little cup.

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