chuao chocolates, valentine’s day, and you (+ a giveaway)

So there’s this thing coming up next month. Valentine’s Day. Sure you’ve heard of it.

I’m not gonna lie and be like, “Oh, I don’t care about it because it’s so commercialized. Why do you need just one to tell someone you love them? Shouldn’t you be telling them on a regular basis?”

Yeah, those are all true, but I still kinda want feel the special fuzzies on that day. And by special fuzzies, I just mean I want a little something, a cute card, a cookie, a flower. I’m pretty easy to please, I think.

I’d be pleased to get chocolate, too. Kind of a weakness for me. Evil, evil chocolate.

A PR rep for Chuao Chocolatier sent me some chocolate samples to try and to tell you all about for their upcoming Valentine’s Day promotion. I’m not gonna lie now, either. I was pretty excited about it.

They sent me samples of a new Love Child bonbon (an aphrodisiac blend of a port wine drenched dried strawberry in a chocolate ganache), Firecracker bonbon (with chipotle caramel fudge, popping candy and sea salt in dark chocolate), and their new Potato Chips in Chocolate bar. Oh yeah!

[Chuao Chocolates, sitting pretty]

Loved the little box! So cute!

[Potato Chips in Chocolate bar – Chuao Chocolatier]

This potato chips bar is pretty different from other chocolates you might have had before. The chocolate itself it super smooth and rich and it melts in a lovely way on your tongue. The potato chips (which are kettle cooked potato chips) are broken in tiny pieces throughout the chocolate bar – almost the same way they do crispy rice in chocolate (like a Nestle bar – but you know, way, way better). The potato chips give the chocolate this crazy, salty crunch for a good mix of the salty-sweet all in one bite.

The chocolate almost tasted like dark chocolate in a few bits, even though it’s not. The potato chips seems to help balance out the sweetness of the chocolate, making for a unique flavor combination. I liked it!

[Left – Firecracker bonbon, Right – Love Child bonbon]

Mmm, bonbons.

[Firecracker bonbon]

I’ve had this Firecracker bonbon before. It’s a mixture of chipotle caramel fudge, popping candy and sea salt in dark chocolate. You take a bite and nothing really happens at first – and then – the popping begins! And the heat starts to creep up into your throat after you’ve already gobbled up the smooth, creaminess.

The popping candy is kind of cool to feel but the heat makes it a bit too much for me, personally. It’s very unique though – not like anything else I’ve ever had.

[Love Child bonbon]

With my recent discovery of port wine, I was excited to try this one and it didn’t disappoint! This Love Child bonbon is an aphrodisiac blend of a port wine drenched dried strawberry in a chocolate ganache. Once you bit in, you get the taste of the sweet strawberry and the port wine flavor comes through, enhancing the strawberry center and the chocolate. The ganache is super smooth, rich and creamy and the blend of flavors was intense (and delicious). This was my favorite of the bunch!

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These products were complimentary and provided to us by Chuao Chocolatier. I was not compensated for the review and all opinions are my own. Thank you to Echo Media Group for providing me with this opportunity to sample these great chocolates!


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