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June 17th, 2011Atwater Village, Los Angeles County, MaryMary Desjean 2 Comments

Now we’re fast forwarding to places I went last weekend when I went to visit Alyssa in LA (aka Day 5 of Eating in LA). I drove up Saturday morning since Friday night traffic is killer. Driving up to LA Saturday morning was much more tolerable (until I hit pockets of traffic) and I made good time (about 2 hours). Alyssa and I headed out for breakfast upon my arrival. Alyssa was a little hesitant about coming here for breakfast since they usually only went for dinner but we gave it a shot.

I spotted Housemade Ginger Ale on the menu and ordered it straight off the bat. I love ginger ale for some reason and housemade ginger ale peaked my interest enough to try it. It was spot on – a lovely ginger taste without being overpowering with hints of fresh mint in the mix. Loved it.

This is Alyssa’s Braised Leeks, Bacon and Fried Egg Sandwich. I was also thinking about getting this but opted for something else in the end. It’s served open faced so Alyssa ate it with a fork and a knife. The bacon was super duper crispy – we speculated that they probably baked it in the oven to achieve such super crispiness without the extra grease lingering on the bacon.

As for me, I got the Soft Scrambled Eggs with Herbed Cream Cheese. I was in an eggy mood that morning but I don’t think even on my best days I could ever eat that much scrambled eggs. I’m pretty sure that’s about 4-5 eggs right there! The soft scrambled eggs were melty and good with the hint of herbs and cheese. While I was eating the eggs though I was wishing for some toast to eat with the eggs. I did have a side of some lovely crisp potatoes and a little bed of greens which I was surprised to find with a breakfast dish. Don’t usually see greens with breakfast like that! All in all I liked it though I left many eggs on my plate but would probably opt for something else next time since I got tired of eating my eggs after awhile.

I ordered a side dish though and it seemed up to cut up my meal just right. This is Baked Pancake with Meyer Lemon Custard. It’s basically a very small dutch baby pancake with lemon custard in the middle. I liked it a lot though it came almost at the end of our meal. It was light and slightly sweet (the custard made it quite a bit sweeter) and I enjoyed it a lot. I could have done without so much custard though, it made it a bit too sweet for me, but I still liked the lemony custard.

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  1. Chris dickens says:

    Keep up the great reviews Mary. I look forward to reading each one.

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