Paciugo Gelato Caffe / National City | San Diego, CA

Update: This location is now closed.

I was invited to come and try some complimentary gelato this past weekend from the folks at Fishman Public Relations. I was excited to try a new gelato place and to have the kids come along for a tasting. Check it out!

Paciugo Gelato is a national chain specializing in natural made Italian gelato. Each store makes their gelato on site, using only fresh ingredients, resulting in delicious tasting gelato. This specific store is located within the Plaza Bonita mall next to the food court, making Italian gelato accessible to American families here in San Diego.

When you first walk up to the gelato counter, you’re immediately assaulted with the visuals of so many gelato flavors! Above here’s a view of some of their sorbets – all fruit flavors, such as Jackfruit, Tutti Frutti, Lime Mojito and Strawberry Balsamic. I had little samples of the Jackfruit and Strawberry Balsamic which were quite good, but I had my eye on creamier treats.

Here’s a view of some of the other flavors. Their Black Cherry Swirl (upper row, middle) is their most popular flavor. The cherries are imported from Italy and used fresh to give it a distinct flavor. I’m not a big fan of cherries myself, but if you are then you would really enjoy this flavor.

Yes, there’s even more gelato, such as Mint Chocolate Chip and one of my favorites, “Berry White” – a gelato with white chocolate and raspberries (an item I eventually got for my “full size” cup).

On the end here are some other gelatos, such as Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Hazelnut Crunch, Rocky Road and Sea Salt Caramel. I can’t even remember all of the flavors that I tried, but every one was creamy and rich and full of flavor.

The flavors I ended up getting were: Hazelnut Crunch, Berry White and Sea Salt Caramel (with pecans). I can’t deny my intense love for all things Hazelnut. They had 2 hazelnut flavors – one was a bit chocolaty with the flavor of hazelnut in the background while the Hazelnut Crunch had the actual crunch from the nuts which I liked even more.

Here’s my cup of gelato next to S.’s cup of gelato. The gelato was so creamy and rich. I stood there and ate my whole cup while Jake chatted away with the owner of the shop, Alex, who was really nice and accommodating as the kids, Jake and I sampled tons of flavors before we could actually decide on what we wanted. The sea salt caramel gelato was also one of my favorites – really simple flavors, but intense and rich with a slight hint of the sea salt. And with the Berry White gelato I loved the pieces of white chocolate throughout my tasting.

Prices start at $3 for a small cup – well worth it for some really stellar and rich tasting gelato. If you’re in the Plaza Bonita area, then definitely hit up Paciugo Gelato for a nice, creamy treat!

Thanks to Alex and the PR folks at Fishman Public Relations for setting up this wonderful tasting for us!

Paciugo Gelato Caffe
3030 Plaza Bonita Road
National City, California  91950

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3 thoughts on “Paciugo Gelato Caffe / National City | San Diego, CA

  1. hi mary – hey, cool, you went there! 🙂 i remember you posted on them a few months ago – i believe the company was offering a free tasting of two of their flavors, one of which was sea salt caramel. i really wanted to go but had too many other things going on that day.

    i hardly go to plaza bonita mall (i see too many of my students there, ha ha) but now i have a reason to go! this place has some really unusual flavors. my husband would love all that balsamic stuff, while i would retch. i’m excited that they have jackfruit flavor too! and oh yeahhhhhhh, “berry white”! how cool is that!

  2. Hi CC! Yes, I did post about that giveaway they had – I think it was last month? They rotate some of their flavors around but the gelato was pretty tasty! “Berry White” made me laugh but it was also really good 🙂 I used to go to Plaza Bonita a ton… when I was 11 🙂

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