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Five Guys is a national chain fast food restaurant – but without the drive-thru windows. I liken it to In-N-Out in that they have a limited menu and only sell a few things (no chicken sandwiches, nuggets, tacos or other crazy things here). Our friend, Chris, from Florida recommended this place to us after he found out that we actually had one in San Diego. I had been meaning to go, but previously thought the only restaurant was on NAS North Island. I did consider bugging my dad to take me on base to go, but I never did. Then a few weeks ago, I saw a review for Five Guys on Darlene’s blog and realized I didn’t have to go on base after all to check this place out. With the urging from Chris (re: lots of text messages), Jake and I took the kids out to Liberty Station to try out Five Guys.

When you first walk in, there’s a big pile of 50lbs. bags of potatoes, with a sign telling you where the potatoes are from that day.

This place is pretty spacious, much bigger than any In-N-Out I’ve ever been too, with outdoor seating to boot.

There’s also free peanuts for you to snack on while you wait for your order to come up. The kids feasted on the peanuts like there was no tomorrow. I ate a few, but mostly I wanted my “real” food to come out.

Jake and I got “regular” sized burgers for ourselves and “little burgers” for the kids. I really, really wish they had listed on their menu the difference between a “regular” burger and a “little” burger. A regular burger comes with 2 patties and a little one only has one patty. I would have preferred to have had the little burger, but … little sounds… well, mini sized! I suppose we should have asked, but I felt kind of duped.

The cool thing about Five Guys is the ability to choose your own toppings – which are all “free” – and you have 15 different toppings to choose from. I went with: Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, Lettuce, and Onions (in addition to bacon and cheese).

I got the Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.39). The burger comes wrapped in foil on a sesame seed bun and slathered with all of the ingredients. I thought it was a bit too much having 2 patties. I didn’t really like the cheese on this burger (Jake reminded me that I don’t like American cheese, which is true for the most part) and I really didn’t like this bun. The bun was like any old thing I could buy at the grocery store and it wasn’t warmed up or anything. Very sad. Also, I know there was bacon on it because I saw it, but I don’t really remember tasting it. Maybe I had too many toppings? The burger itself was juicy and thick and cooked well, but overall I didn’t really care for the burger.

This above is 2 orders of the Regular Sized French Fries ($2.59). It took up about half of the paper bag. Mind you, when I ordered these, I thought I had ordered the large and realized later when I saw my receipt that I had only gotten 2 regulars. I can’t even imagine what a large sized order would look like, as this was plenty of fries to share between 2 adults and 3 kids.

I really liked the french fries – they reminded me somewhat of Boardwalk Fries that used to be in Horton Plaza. Crispy, skin on fries are what I like (though I needed to add salt to them so they could have some seasonings).

Jake’s younger son has this thing about getting stuff for other people – and he tends to overdo it a lot. This is what he came back with when he “went to go get more ketchup”. I call it the “Cup O’ Ketchup”. I don’t like ketchup on my fries, so I didn’t touch this, but Jake and his 2 younger kids love ketchup. A lot.

Oh, Five Guys. I’m sorry I didn’t really dig your burger. I liked your fries, though. You really should put somewhere that the regular burger is 2 patties. It would be the nice thing to do. But you know. Whatever.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
2445 Truxtun Road, Suite 103
(in Liberty Station, near Vons and Trader Joe’s)
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 223-1679

7 days a week, 11am-10pm

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8 thoughts on “five guys burgers and fries / liberty station | san diego, ca

  1. Hi Darlene – Yeah, when I was sitting in there with all of their “reviews” plastered all over the walls I felt like maybe it was me. But I didn’t think it was that great! The free/choose your own toppings is a nice touch though, so kudos for that.

  2. I first tried Five Guys in the North Island Base, and was surprised with the burger and fries myself. The two patties were nice, but I didnt really like the burger all that much. I did love the fries though. They the cajun ones next time, no spice but a nice bit of flavor.

  3. Hey Darwin – I wanted to try the cajun ones, but with the kids in tow, I didn’t think they’d appreciate them. If I ever go again I’ll try them out – regular size!

  4. wow, so there’s a five guys now in sd? i had there of one or two in the oc/la area, but looks like they’re expanding all over@ that was on my to try list befor ei left, but i doint’ have time. maybe when i go down next itme…

  5. Hi Mary thanks for sharing again. Things I’ve been hearing have been consistently the same. But it’s one of those places still on my list to go, you know just because.. But my expectations will be low I guess.

  6. Hi Sawyer – Yeah, I was reading on their website they’re in 40 states now! They’re really expanding.

    Hi Dennis – Hey, the fries are still pretty good. Just know that the “regular” burger is pretty big. I felt totally tricked by that!

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