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I was up in Rancho Pensaquitos getting those cupcakes the other day when I discovered that the cupcake place didn’t open until noon. I had about 15 minutes until it opened and since I hadn’t eaten yet, I decided to pop over to Bread Bites and Moore to check it out. The “Moore” part of the restaurant’s name isn’t a mistake or a drawn out way to say “Mooooore”, but it’s actually the owner’s last name. Awesome.

I wasn’t sure what to try exactly. You can see they emphasize a few things on their exterior sign, but I wasn’t quite in the mood for ribs. I wanted something small and quick. I decided to try one of their personal sized pizzas and I got it with roasted chicken. I also had to try some of their Bread Bites since it’s in the name of the restaurant. Well that and I “loove” bread.

Service was fairly quick – though I must also admit that the place was quite empty (it was Saturday around lunch time). I sat and watched some of the Olympics on TV (men’s curling) while I waited for my food. The first thing to come out were the bread bites ($2.50 for a half dozen – though you can see I got an extra one) – little freshly baked bites flavored with garlic and butter and a pinch of salt. They were really good and it was hard to not eat my whole basket of rolls. They reminded me a lot of Pat & Oscar’s bread sticks, but in little roll forms. Very excellent.

The roast chicken pizza ($5.95 for Individual 7″ Pizza with One Topping) was very good. Served pipping hot, the cheese all nice and melted and the juicy chicken pieces made for a delectable meal. The crust was evenly cooked and crisp and a little on the thick side – just how I like it. I’m not a big fan of thin-crust pizzas since the crust is usually my favorite part, so this was an excellent pizza for my tastes. The pizza sauce was sweet and well balanced as well. Score!

This family owned restaurant does remind me a lot of Pat & Oscar’s with their choice of offerings – pizza, chicken, ribs, and bread rolls – but it doesn’t have that corporate-chain feeling. It feels a little more homey with their TV’s and service and is a nice place to take the family for an afternoon meal.

Bread Bites & Moore
7845 Highland Village Pl
San Diego, CA 92129
(858) 780-2501

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  1. leanne says:

    Someone once told me that the family behind Bread Bites started Pat & Oscars but then something happened and they all went their separate ways (and then they started Bread Bites). This could explain why the bread and menu is so similar, but I also have absolutely no confirmed source on that. The pizza looks good, though!

  2. mary says:

    Google is so helpful because I have confirmed that Bread Bite & Moore and Pat & Oscars are from the same founder. – That really accounts for the similarities in the restaurants. The bread bites taste almost exactly like the P&O’s bread sticks! It’s fun learning new things.

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