Savings at local restaurants (and more!) with Groupon – San Diego Desserts ($5 for $15) is a new “deal a day” website that offers special deals on services, products, and tons of other goodies for specific cities. Currently offered in 17 cities, a “Groupon” is a “Group + Coupon”. They post a deal a day and if enough people sign up to buy the coupon, then everyone who signed up gets to buy it. It sounded a little tricky to me, but after viewing the Groupon intro video I got the concept. It’s a cool way to get in some great savings to allow you to get some good products and services in the process for a cheaper price.


Today’s deal featuring the restaurant San Diego Desserts – you pay $5 for a $15 worth of desserts – or $15 in the cafe plus free dessert! It’s a great way to try a new local restaurant for more than half of the price. I think I’m going to have to get in on this deal and do a review for the site… Remember, new deal each day, so you have 24 hours to get in on this deal!

Be sure to check out for more daily deals on other goods and services in San Diego, Los Angeles, or a city near you.

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