Buffalo Bill’s – Julian, CA

Visiting Julian, CA in the summer time is a weird thing to behold. Granted, I also went on a Friday afternoon, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I thought it was odd that the streets were empty, there was plenty of parking, and that it was hot. So. Weird!

Julian, California

In any case, I was playing tourist with my out-of-town friend and I wanted to show off how one day you can go the beach, and the very next day you go to the mountains. San Diego is just cool like that.

After a quick stop at Dudley’s for delicious bread, we headed all the up the mountain to Julian to enjoy a very hot day in the mountains. For lunch, we stopped at a place just off the main drag, Buffalo Bill’s.

Buffalo Bill's - Julian, CA

Buffalo Bill’s is a small diner – they have about 4 booths and just a handful of tables making it small and cozy. Since it was a Friday afternoon there was only one other couple in the diner with us, otherwise we had the small to ourselves. Decor is kind of typical – all “Buffalo Bill” items, from the wallpaper to the hanging buffalo head above our table, to various photos to try and lend to the theme.

Buffalo Bill's head

Even though the buffalo head on the wall was eyeing us, we both opted to get the Buffalo Burgers ($9.50 for 1/4 quarter lb. burgers). I thought the burger was good – seasoned well, not too dry and not too fatty and really not greasy tasting at all. I almost expected it to taste “gamey”, but it didn’t. Fries were good to boot. I hate it when I go to a place that has crappy fries. I don’t think fries are hard to make, so you should get them right!

Buffalo Bill's - Buffalo Burger

I do think the price though is a bit high for a burger, even if it made from buffalo meat. My feeling is they raise the prices for the tourists, but oh well. I still bought it and ate it, didn’t I? After Buffalo’s Bills, we headed over to Julian Pie Company for some totally delicious pie, even in the off-season. Didn’t take any photos of that, though. By then, I was headed into a food coma and it was too hot out to think straight. Oh well. [insert pie photo here]

Buffalo Bill’s
2603 B St.
(between 3rd St & Main St)
Julian, CA 92036
(760) 765-1560

One thought on “Buffalo Bill’s – Julian, CA

  1. Had a horrible experience at buffalo bill. Worst customer service I have ever received. They try to cheat my family by charging a $30 tip on a $114 bill. On top of it they acted like we were stupid. They were beyond rude to the point it was discriminatory. The manager didn’t even show his face after I asked for him numerous times.

    Will never visit this place again.

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