Swami’s Cafe – Encinitas, CA

Swami's Cafe - San Diego, CA

Swami’s Cafe is a little cafe in North Coastal San Diego, Encinitas, CA specifically, near Swami’s Beach. It’s just off of Highway 101 in a little spot next to a pretty little flower shop, just before the main drag of downtown Encinitas. You walk up to the register to place your order, try to find a spot outside and wait for a server to walk around with your food, calling your name. It’s a bit of a haphazard setup. When I visited recently, my friend and I were waiting and waiting for our food, noticing that people who ordered after us were getting their food before us. I finally had to ask one of the workers there about our order and miraculously our food appeared (ta-da!). We could tell our order had been forgotten about, but despite this drawback, it was still a good meal to be had.

Swami's Cafe - ABC Omelet

I had the ABC omelet (avocado, bacon and cheese). Really, it was a bacon and cheese omelet, with slices of avocado on top. I also got some home style fries (which, due to the wait and overlooking of our food, were cold) and some sourdough toast. The omelet was really tasty with good bits of bacon and cheese in it, and I would smear with little bits of avocado for extreme tastiness in my mouth. The eggs were cooked well, not overdone. I wished for a little bit more avocado then I was given, but this is a minor complaint since I was still able to portion it out so I had enough avocado for every piece I ate. The potatoes seemed okay, but since they were cold, I wasn’t really digging eating them. They had a good basic flavor and I ate them, but I wasn’t overly wowed about them. This might have been a different reaction had they been hot when I received them.

Swami's Cafe - Granola Multigrain Waffle

My friend got the Granola Multigrain Waffle it came with fresh fruit on top, eggs, and a couple of slices of bacon. She gave me a bite of the waffle. It had a good, nutty flavor to it and I could even taste some of the granola in there which almost made me regret not getting a waffle instead of my omelet. But, avocados are so tempting and delicious that my regret didn’t last long.

Also, since we went for breakfast on a Thursday, I was able to use this coupon I got from Restaurants.com for 50% off our purchase, saving us a little bit of money. I bought it when it was on sale for like $2 though, so it was well worth it (sign up for Borders Rewards and they’ll send you special “Borders Rewards Perks” to get these coupons for really cheap!). Oh, saving money can be fun sometimes! I think I might have to go back and get one of those waffles for myself sometime…

UPDATE: Swami’s Cafe no longer participates in Restaurants.com, so the coupon I spoke about above no longer applies. Sadness.

Swami’s Cafe
1163 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, Ca 92024
(760) 944-0612

7A – 4P daily

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