bj’s restaurant brewhouse / la jolla – san diego, ca

I recently ate a lot of food at BJ’s. A lot. I might still be full.

My friends and I were going over to the indie La Jolla cinemas over on the lonelier (but just as hard to find parking) Whole Foods side of La Jolla Village Square and decided we might as well go to BJ’s, the theater is right behind it. The menu looked decent and I was intrigued by their “Look, Potatoes Can Be A Whole Meal!” offerings. We were waiting for our other friend to show up and decided we should get an appetizer first, and then maybe share some food.

We ordered the “Sweet Onion Strings” which I forgot to photograph before we ate them, but here’s a lovely “after” shot. You get two kinds of sauces, which I found I actually preferred to dip my onion strings into both and then plop them into my mouth for tasty mouth happiness.


I also got a Berry Cider sampler or something, which was delicious and which I drank right away and which didn’t even taste like alcohol and which could be dangerous if I had had a full glass (holy run on sentence!). My friend had a “Nit Wit” beer which I didn’t really enjoy the taste of, but the name is awesome. But don’t mind me, I don’t really like beer.

By this time our friend still hadn’t showed and we were getting a little antsy about it. Since we had all of those onion straws, we thought it’d be a good idea to share some things. I really wanted a giant potato, but I didn’t want that to be all I had for dinner. So we split a Giant Classic Stuffed Potato (yes, it was huge) and the Turkey Cobb Sandwich.


They weren’t kidding about the size of the potatoes. They have other potatoes that have things like grilled chicken or chili and cheese or a ton of vegetables in them, if you want to eat a potato as your main meal source. The classic was sufficient enough for me.


I was starting to get fuller by this point and only ate half of my half of the Turkey Cobb Sandwich. The best part of this sandwich was the bread. It was a toasted garlic cheese french roll, and it was, quite frankly, totally awesome. You could really taste the garlic and cheese on the bread and it was just a nice compliment to the whole sandwich. Too bad I couldn’t eat more of it, but by that time, I was stuffed. I forgot that the sandwich itself also came with fries and I ate maybe five of those before giving up on eating anymore. Luckily our third friend finally showed up and ate the rest of the food we had before we skittered off for our movie, just in time to watch 20 minutes of previews.

BJ’s apparently also has Chicago style deep dish pizzas, which I am not interested in, but you might be. That’s all I have to say about that.

Food! Toasted garlic cheese bread! Yay!

BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse
8873 Villa La Jolla Dr.
San Diego, CA

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