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You know Saturdays around here are usually reserved for Maya and going to the dog park. Well, it was still reserved for her, but instead we went to Harbor Island and walked around near the bay under cloudy skies and windy weather. I like being outdoors when the skies are gray. I prefer to to all the sunny days we get here. Not that I don’t like the sunny days, but the cloudy ones seem so rare. Also, other people tend to stay home and I like being out and about when it’s a little less crowded.During our walk we watched a cruise ship dock, an aircraft carrier sail out of the harbor, some fisherman, and a crew setting up for an evening wedding and reception. After our walk, we went to Hudson Bay Seafood. It’s about a stone’s throw from the more popular Point Loma Seafoods. It’s much more lo-key, quieter and more laid back. It’s a bit hard to see as it’s dockside to the bay and marina, but if you’re ever in the mood for a more casual, kick your feet up kind of atmosphere, this is the place to go.

calmari plate - hudson bay seafood

I ordered the calamari plate. It was quite tasty. The calamari was cooked just right, not too much batter either so you can still taste the seafood. I even ate some of the coleslaw as it was a bit sweet (I normally do not like coleslaw). Maya even got her own treats, a bowl of water and some dog biscuits. I was amused that they stuck a little greenery in with her dog biscuits. She did not eat that.

dog biscuits

The staff here is super friendly – they made sure I knew that Maya was allowed in the restaurant and catered not only to me but to my dog. I wandered around outside a little before I went into the restaurant (I tied Maya up outside) and the guy behind the counter was a bit concerned and asked where my dog was. I said, “Oh! She’s just outside.” A woman (the owner, perhaps?) who I gabbed with outside about my dog brought Maya inside because Maya was choking a little on her leash, straining to get inside to find me. I thought it was a nice gesture!

All in all Hudson Bay Seafood is a really nice place to relax, get some seafood and watch the boats in the harbor. They also have a breakfast menu and “hot donuts” that I’d like to try sometime if I get the chance. Check out their menu on their website to see what else they offer. Also – if you park in the lot that the restaurant is in, you have to pay to park. Not too bad, $1 for an hour, but just thought I’d throw that out there.

Hudson Bay Seafood
1403 Scott Street
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 222-8787

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