pepper’s deli / bucky’s of boston

Yesterday I went to Pepper’s Deli (formely Tout de Suite) for lunch before heading to the dog park. It’s a little deli off Poway Road next to Dixieline Lumber. It must have just been taken over since it still had the old signage above the deli.

sandwich from Pepper's Deli

I tried the Club Sandwich ($6 for half a sandwich (4oz), $8 for a whole sandwich (8oz), though it was more like a ham sandwich with bacon since they were out of turkey. I also got some of their homemade chips ($1.25 sm, $2.50 lg) which are made fresh on the spot and some potato salad ($2 sm). Everything in the deli is made fresh daily. They get their vegetables daily and roast their own meats for their sandwiches so everything is fresh (and tasty). Even though I didn’t get any turkey for my sandwich is was really tasty – the bread was grilled and not just toasted. The chips were not greasy and very crispy. They salt and peppered them and you can really taste the pepper on them (yum). The potato salad was also pretty simple – very eggy and creamy with not a lot of extra stuff added in. They also have homemade yogurt, which I did not try, and some speciality sandwiches (like Tri-Tip & Grilled Onion or BBQ Pulled Pork), salads, and soups. I’ll try some yogurt next time. Pepper’s Deli has outdoor seating so it also a good place to take your dog with you (Maya sat outside with me while I waited for them to bring me my food).

ice cream from Bucky's

Instead of yogurt, I got some freshly made ice cream from a local shop called Bucky’s of Boston in Rancho Pensaquitos near the 56 (off Black Mtn Rd). I got some classic chocolate chip cookie dough ($3.25 med) and it was damn tasty. Very creamy with a good amount of cookie dough mixed in. The medium size they really fill it up – the smaller size they do not fill up so high and it is in a smaller cup (for $2.50). The also have a kiddie size ($1.50) and large (sorry, I forgot the price for those). They had a special seasonal flavor called “Pumpkin Pie” which I was wary of trying but maybe I will be more adventureous this week and swing on over to try some. They also make cakes, Italian ices, sorbets, and yogurt.

Pepper’s Deli
13339 Poway Rd.
Poway, CA 92064

Bucky’s of Boston
13215 Black Mountain Rd. Suite 3
San Diego, CA 92129

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