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skylanders rainbow cake
January 7th, 2013cake decorating, Cooking with Jake, Mary, RecipesMary Desjean 2 Comments

For A.’s 13th birthday, I made her a Skylanders cake. A. and her brother S. got into Skylanders after S. got it for Christmas from Jake and I. She thought Skylanders was lame until she actually played it, and then they both ended up totally adoring the game. Skylanders though – it ain’t cheap. Buying the little figures new is about $10 bucks apiece, but luckily Jake found someone selling them on craigslist for a better deal. You really can …

“calzone” pita bread and mini naan pizzas with bonsavor flatbreads
August 29th, 2012Cooking with Jake, Mary, productsMary Desjean 3 Comments

Flatbreads, naan, pita breads, tortillas and more arrived at my doorstep in a big old box not too long ago. One look at it made me think, “Oh god, will I be able to use all of this before it goes bad? What am I going to make?!” I took a bunch of it over to Jake’s so his family could partake in the goodness from BonSavor. And then… something strange happened. The stars, the moon, the planets and the …

peanut butter and chocolate potato chips
June 1st, 2012Cooking with Jake, etc, Mary, RecipesMary Desjean 4 Comments

I’m sorry, what does this post title say?
Peanut Butter and Chocolate covered what?
Potato Chips.
Totally Jake’s idea. I just executed it. (Jake helped, too).
He got the idea after a recent trip to Trader Joe’s. I had bought a bag of milk chocolate covered potato chips, which I really liked. Jake put together the idea of my love of peanut butter + chocolate with the potato chips and viola!
A delicious idea was born.

You don’t need a whole lot for this recipe. It’s …

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