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little big planet birthday cake 6

little big planet birthday cake

(Psst – if you didn’t see it, be sure to check out the giveaway I’ve got going on! Enter, enter, enter! Today is the LAST DAY to enter to win dinner for 2 to Del Mar Rendezvous during SDRW next...

gears of war birthday cake 4

gears of war birthday cake

It’s birthday time again! Jake’s youngest son, S., is the latest in a lineup of birthdays and he asked for a Gears of War cake this year. This one through me for a loop. See the screenshot: For those that...

tasty things in life: chocolate + hazelnut 4

tasty things in life: chocolate + hazelnut

I love hazelnuts. And I love chocolate. It’d be a safe bet to say that I also love nutella. I recently made some lovely chocolate hazelnut cupcakes for my friend, Stacey, to celebrate her birthday. I cheated a little and...

lazy blogger weekend 3

lazy blogger weekend

I meant to post this stuff yesterday, but I did not do one productive thing all weekend and it was GREAT. Please note that I don’t count cake baking as “productive” but “fun”. When I was at Jake’s this weekend,...

twilight birthday cake & cupcakes 3

twilight birthday cake & cupcakes

I have a confession to make. I love the Twilight series. And I’m in my 30’s. Jake’s daughter, who just turned 11, also loves Twilight. She’s got way more cool Twilight-related things than I do, since I only have the...

Happy Halloween with Zombie Cake 2

Happy Halloween with Zombie Cake

I made this for my work’s Halloween Party on Friday. I won 2nd place for the Halloween food contest. I won a frog slap bracelet. Oohhhh yeah. Happy Halloween!

birthday cakes! 1

birthday cakes!

The lack of posts around here is due to my limited budget lately. I’ve got a couple of “cheap eats” posts coming up, but in the mean time I thought it’d be fun to do a post about some of...

baby shower cake 2

baby shower cake

Here’s a couple of photos from the baby shower cake I made this past weekend for my good friend’s baby shower. The theme was baby feet and polka dots, so I made it fit as well as I could. The...