Boston Preview

I am away from California at the moment, in tree laden Massachusetts spending a little time with family. I didn’t have time for a proper post for today but here’s a few snaps and highlights from my trip.

Corned Beef Hash

Delicious corned beef hash in a tiny diner in South Boston.

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts! Obviously.

Fried Clams

Mmm, fried clams (and fried scallops).

Mooooooo cow

Ice cream bowls

We had creamy ice cream and I pet some cows. And tried asparagus ice cream! Only sampled, it was kind of stringy…

Tres Lobster Dinner

And lobster! It’s been a seafood heavy trip.

I’m heading back to California today! Posts to come.


mary likes baking.

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  1. eek don’t know how I feel about the asparagus ice cream, especially the stringy part! All the seafood looks yummy though, I’ve never had fried clams but I just know I would love them πŸ™‚

    • mary says:

      The asparagus ice cream tasted more like grass to me then asparagus…

      Oh man, fried clams are one of my favorites. These are whole belly clams, too, so they’re sweet and salty! I think you would like them πŸ™‚

  2. Was that the asparagus ice cream? It doesn’t look green. That is a flavor I wouldn’t expect in ice cream! Hope all is well with you and your family.

    • mary says:

      Hi CC – No, I only got a sample of the asparagus ice cream (which they called “Hadley Grass”). I didn’t post that photo yet haha. It tasted more like grass than asparagus to me. It was really weird.

      • Interesting! There is a”grass” flavor in those Bernie Bott’s All Flavour Beans (those Harry Potter wierd flavored jelly beans). It tastes bad, haha.

        • mary says:

          Oh man, I am scared of those every flavor beans hahah! Reminds me I still need to do my Orlando post about butterbeer and Honeydukes… I’m a slacker πŸ™‚

  3. Cathy says:

    Can’t wait to see more! The Mister was raised in Quincy and Milton (His parents moved to Braintree after he left home). All of that area is wonderful, with the public transportation giving access to everywhere.

    • mary says:

      Hi Cathy – Oh nice! I only have a couple of posts actually from Boston and I went to school at Boston University. My dad is from Fitchburg. I wish we had had more time to explore Boston but it was a quick trip! Hope to get to those posts by next week.

  4. Faye says:

    Ohhh fried clams!!! Fried scallops!! Fried cute horse?

    That’s what I thought you were going to say after seeing the cute horse pic right after the fried stuff.

    Why would one WANT to make asparagus ice cream. Like…why. Why not green beans. Or heck…lettuce.

    That lobster looks real chill sitting like that. He kinda looks like he’s pewping πŸ™‚

    • mary says:

      Haha that’s a cow not a horse!! I pet the cows at the farm where they had ice cream. I felt like such a city girl! I have no idea why you would make asparagus ice cream. Weird stringy ice cream…. mysteries of the universe. I would also sample green bean and lettuce ice cream though I can’t imagine that they would be any better! The lobster is sitting on two of his brothers! He’s the king of the plate I guess. Haha

  5. Faye says:

    You SURE that’s not a horse. Haha! My bad ????

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