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I don’t know about you, but I am kind of a messy eater. For some reason, it’s seems hard to balance food on my fork and it barely gets into my mouth. I get teased for not knowing how to use chopsticks, but really, when it seems like I can barely use a fork sometimes it seems really extra silly for me to try and use chopsticks. I always get crumbs, or noodle bits, or bits of sauce all over myself. It creates weird stains on my nice shirts which then have to become my “wear only at home” shirts. The other day I was eating a lemon filled donut and I managed to bite down and push all of the lemon filling out so it plopped right onto my desk (for once not onto my shirt). Major sigh.

Wearing a plastic bib or a napkin on my shirt always made me feel like people were staring at me (though I’m sure no one was), so I just let bygones be bygones. Until now, that is! Enter this new product that was sent to me for review: DressTiez!

DressTiez is a clothing protector. Kind of like a super fancy, really nice, reuseable bib. But don’t say “bib”. It’ll make you cringe inside. But really… it’s an adult bib. It looks like it’s made out of a nice fabric (they have different styles to choose from) so it matches with whatever you’re wearing.


Here I am, dining out at Romesco a few weeks ago, wearing the Maroon DressTiez (which actually matched the shirt I was wearing). I don’t think you can really tell I’m wearing it, since my sweater is covering part of it.


But look! It totally is the bib clothing protector thing! It’s orange on the other side. It makes a semi-crinkly noise when you roll it up or unravel it. 


One day at work I was wearing it because I was wearing a white shirt (white shirts are known to attract more spillage, you know) and I was having leftover spaghetti for lunch. And then I had an orange. And well… the orange’s juices got all over me.


But instead of going all over my shirt, the juice went all over the clothing protector instead! I didn’t have to finish out my work day with big old stains all over my nice white shirt. Which is something I have done so many, many times.

I’ve dropped a lot of things on this thing for far and nothing has ever soaked through to the other side. It just stays right on the protector. It’s wide enough to cover just about any spillage I could possibly have, and sits high enough for full coverage. It’s machine washable and rolls up and fits right into my purse. It also doesn’t wrinkle, so it looks nice even after being rolled up inside of my purse.

I have lamented so many times in my life that I needed an “adult bib” after so much food spillage so having this clothing protector is a dream come true! DressTiez retails at $29.99 for the basic cloth protector. You can buy them online on their website at: http://dresstiez.com.

* Disclaimer: As stated, I received a complimentary DressTiez for review. I was not paid or further compensated for this review and all opinions stated here are my own.

14 thoughts on “[product review] – DressTiez clothing protector bib

  1. OMG – that is just a little bit of awesome genius! Also, I love seeing a pic of you in your office… it’s like seeing you in the wild, or something.And, I agree, white shirts definitely attract more spillage. I’ve found that wearing white shirts also results in a higher chance of someone wanting to go out for a messy meal.

    1. Hahah… “seeing you in the wild”. That made me laugh so much! I do really love this thing and carry it with me. I’m starting to remember to wear it more often. And yes about the messy meal. I only have one white shirt now because of my spillage “issues” so many I can buy white shirts again!

  2. Ha! I love the photo of you at your desk. I could really use one of those since I spill almost everything too. If only the bib had a little pocket to collect all the crumbs, then nothing would go to waste!

    1. Hi Darlene – This thing is brilliant. I always carry it with me now, course, I don’t actually always remember to wear it… getting there!

  3. Hahah – adult bib! That sounds a bit sad for some reason. It’s a great idea though. My sis always spills stuff on herself too (especially when she wears white!).

    What did Jake think of you wearing this bib? You guys should get matching ones ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Faye – I seriously need that thing, it’s like a lifesaver for my poor, poor clothes. I still feel weird wearing it, but after I see that it’s dirty INSTEAD of my shirt, I feel better. Jake thinks it’s cool, I guess – he didn’t really dislike it or anything and he’s smarter than to make fun of me. I doubt he would wear one or remember to bring one with him and he doesn’t care if he spills haha!

      1. Yeah – why IS it that boys don’t care when they spill stuff on themselves. My good buddy ALWAYS spills stuff on himself when he eats. But he doesn’t even care. Like he’ll go the ENTIRE meal without minding (while *I’m* staring neurotically at the stain the entire time).

        1. Must be some kind of weird laid-back boy thing. Or society accepts that boys spill and we girls have to careful little creatures… or… maybe it’s just all in our head ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Whoa, so how did the company happen to find YOU as the perfect test subject for this product!? How often do you wash it? You should also get more colors or someone will start thinking you wear the same clothes when viewing your occasional blog selfies! =P

    1. Hi Lynn – Hmm, I’m not sure how they found me, I didn’t ask! I think they were just shooting in the dark and hoped I would use it. They had no idea how right they were! I wash it about once a week. It’s been washed a few times already and it looks the same. It’s nice that it doesn’t wrinkle, either. Hahah, good point about the colors… I kind of want a plain black one, too.

  5. I just tuck a big paper napkin in my collar whenever I need shirt and or tie protection. I have been doing this because my neat freak military dad insisted on it as far back as I can remember. Whenever we went to a restaurant, he would always ask for extra paper napkins which he promptly tucked around my brother and my neck. We also had to wear a paper napkin spread across our laps as well. We obviously had a lot of clothing protection going on. I will say, we never had food stained clothes.

    1. Travis: I think it is a military thing because my dad (Air Force pilot) made me do the same thing. Paper napkin had to be spread open and tucked in my shirt collar during every meal. I guess I was a bit clumsy sometimes so his thought was my kid isnโ€™t going to run around with food stains on his shirt. Even though I was not happy having to comply, I knew better than to resist or complain because that would have gotten me in big trouble. What dad said was law. I had to say yes sir and no sir as well as yes maโ€™am and no maโ€™am without exception to all adults including my parents.

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