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Since I’m too tired to do a “real post”, you get a little peek instead of the things I cooked last week instead. Aren’t you lucky?


Now that it’s really getting to be summer, you can totally cook your whole dinner on the grill like I did. Grilled shrimp, grilled corn on the cob and grilled steak! The other bonus: I made garlic butter which I also used on all three (naughty). I used the leftovers from this meal to make “surf n’ turf fried rice” a few days later.


About this time last year I made a Berry Crumb Pie which I redid again last week. I evened out the porportions of blueberries and strawberries though and added oatmeal to the crumble.


This pie tastes like summer, if you ask me.


I also used the leftover pie crust to make “pie crust cookies”. I just rolled the dough out, cut out little shapes, sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top and baked them for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Maya and I ate a few of them and the rest I put on the pie for decoration.


Summer’s also the time when basil is in abundance in our garden, so I made some fresh basil pesto. I use a LOT of garlic in mine so it’s extra potent. To tone it down just a little, I made a pesto cream sauce for a really easy dinner.


I had these “corn dog lollipops” at a restaurant recently and I decided to try and remake it at home. I used cheddar sausage, cut it into bits, made corn dog batter with pancake batter and corn meal and viola – little mini corn dogs! The bits of cheese instead made them better.


I’ll be doing a full post about this later – but this weekend I tried smoking pork butt! I threw on some sausages for good measure.

So there you have. A bunch of stuff I cooked last week that maybe would have never made it onto the blog. Summer starts for real this week – are you going to be grilling more now that summer is here?


5 thoughts on “summer cooking

    1. I got the idea from Julian Pie Company! They call them something else, like “memories” or something homey like that. Really easy to make and really tasty!

    1. I still have leftover pesto, I suspect I’ll be making that dish again this week! I love eating outdoors all the time now that it’s warm enough.

  1. Wow, I’m jealous, you sure ate well last week.
    I’m so glad to see other people grilling their corn on the cob! I find so many people that have never tried it, and it is definitely one of my favorite ways to have summer veggies!

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