eating in la: curry house / little tokyo – downtown los angeles, ca

For dinner on my one and only night in Los Angeles on this trip, I was given a few different options. I chose to go to the Curry House since they had a big variety of items and a Curry-Spaghetti Japanese place sounded really interesting to me. I was sad to find out later that there used to be a location in San Diego off Convoy that has since closed. Sad I never knew about it!

Curry House has ten locations in Southern California serving up their take on Japanese curry and other Japanese items.

I stared my meal off with a simple salad.

Well, sort of simple anyway. I don’t think I’ve seen kidney beans in a salad before… or green beans for that matter. In any case, it was lovely and flavorful and the dressing was very nice.

[Teppan Hamburger with Teriyaki Sauce]

After looking over the long and somewhat confusing menu, I decided to get one of the Teppan Hamburger steaks. It comes to you sizzling hot on a cast iron plate surrounded in a sea of teriyaki sauce, onions and veggies (which are on the other side of those gigantic onion rings).

I maneuvered around my dish carefully, afraid to touch the very hot plate. I managed to not touch it and burn myself, so good for me.

The hamburger steak was thick, juicy and full of flavor from the surrounding teriyaki sauce. It was very tender and quite delicious. Standard steamed veggies came with (carrots, some spinach, etc.) and I also really enjoyed my extra large onion rings.

The onion rings were interesting to me since they were doubled up – two slices of onion per ring. They had a nice, crispy panko crust that I also really liked.

[Potato Croquette]

I also got a side order – one potato croquette. This again had a panko crust, very similar to the onion rings, and a very smooth and creamy potato filling. It was sort of like the creamiest, crunchiest hash brown I could ever imagine and I totally loved it.

I wish the Curry House in San Diego was still down here so I could try out their out items, but I guess I’ll just have to find something else down here to fill the void.

Curry House
Multiple Locations
123 S. Onizuka St., #204
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 620-0855

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2 thoughts on “eating in la: curry house / little tokyo – downtown los angeles, ca

  1. Mmm, hambagu! 🙂 I used to like their Teppan Chicken (w/ Garlic Sauce). Now that they’re gone in SD, I have to say I do miss them. Would be great of CoCo Ichibanya would decide to give the city a try next.

  2. Hi Dennis –
    This was my first experience with this kind of beef in particular and I really enjoyed it! I’d like to try other versions that’s similar to it or in that range sometime.

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