for my valentine: han solo in carbonite chocolates

“I love you.”

“I know.”

Princess Leia tells Han how she feels about him… only to have him encased in carbonite 30 seconds later. Bit of a rocky start, but hey, they made it through. This seemed like the perfect way to show my love to my Star Wars lovin’ Valentine this year just how much he means to me, by encasing Han Solo is milky chocolate with almonds.

If that doesn’t scream love, then I don’t know anything about anything.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t scream love to you, but trust me on this. Jake will get a kick out of it, even if he doesn’t like chocolate that much (he’s crazy, I know).

This doesn’t even need a recipe.

You just get yourself one of this fancy pants Han Solo Carbonite molds, melt some chocolate (I prefer Guittard) over a double boiler (if you must, you can do it in a microwave) and spoon it into the molds. I stuck a bunch of almonds in for that nice little bit of crunch.

And viola! Handmade chocolates will be yours to give away to the special someone in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

6 thoughts on “for my valentine: han solo in carbonite chocolates

  1. Hi CC – Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ He loved them! Hope you, Bert & TC all had a lovely V-day!

    Hi Carol – Thank you!

    Hi Alyssa – Thanks! I’m not sure what else I will do them. I wanted to try and made homemade “Andes” candies but I didn’t feel like trying this time around. Maybe next time…

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