the cosmopolitan hotel and restaurant | old town / san diego, ca


Mary is a San Diego native and has been a food blogger for 11+ years. She is an avid reader, a lover of puppies, and loves trying new food. Foods she loves: sweets, peanut butter, pasta, Triscuit crackers with cream cheese, and extra nuts on top of her sundaes. Food she dislikes: pickles, really spicy food, runny eggs, olives, and too much arugula.

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  1. i’ve been wondering about this place since it changed into the cosmopolitan (from the casa de bandini). we were in old town a month or so ago and took photos by the covered wagon near it. i think we ate at 2540 bistro that day. anyways, yeah, you’re right, us locals think of old town as a tourist trap, but there really is a lot of interesting history there.

    nice write up and pix! cool too that you got to meet the chef. 🙂

  2. stacey says:

    booze! if i recall correctly, the rind of the chese was created by splashing or rubbing or something with alcohol. everything was so yummy!

  3. leanne says:

    There are two desserts I love in San Diego (well, two of the buttery/caramel kind) – the butterscotch pudding from Banker’s Hill and the salted caramel pot de creme from Urban Solace. But now I want to go try the butterscotch pot de creme from Cosmopolitan… I mean, for research!

    I’m glad it sounds like there’s a tasty reason to go into Old Town. I usually think of the whole area as a tourist trap with bad parking!

    • mary says:

      Yes, yes… for research. Research blogging purposes. Excellent idea. Now I in turn have to try the one at Urban Solace for the same reasons!

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