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NY Giant Pizza is a local chain in San Diego. There are a ton of various “NY Giant” pizza places all around town and it’s a bit hard to know the difference between all of them. The particular pizza place I went to only has 2 locations – one in Mira Mesa and one in Rancho Penasquitos. The one thing they do have in common with all of the “Giant” pizza places is their offering of the 28″ pizza which barely fits in my car and seems to only be good for the novelty of it. I’m not sure if bigger is always better in this case, but with the many iterations of this same idea seen all over town, they must have something going for them.

I’ve been to the NY Giant Pizza in Mira Mesa a few times over the years. I particularly like their calzones and getting them made with fresh garlic, basil and ricotta – so good! On this visit I only got a large pizza to share with myself and my family one Friday evening. I wasn’t spending it with Jake this time since he had to work, but I felt I couldn’t break the usual “Pizza Friday” tradition even though he wasn’t there. I ate pizza for him in spirit.

I got the “White Pizza” in a large (20″) size for $18.99. I was on a “white” pizza kick since we had been to Bronx Pizza not too long ago. This has Ricotta, Mozzarella, Basil,Olive Oil & Fresh Garlic on it. The dough is not super thin, it’s more of a “regular” dough, like you’d get at traditional, American pizza places (such as Papa John’s or Pizza Hut). I hadn’t been to this place in awhile so I couldn’t remember what it was like. It was an okay pizza – the flavors were there but it didn’t have quite enough balance to it – some bits had no ricotta at all and some places had a bunch of it. The bites I had with the ricotta were better than without. The without bites just tasted like it was lacking something so I felt like the cheeses could have been a bit more evenly distributed. My dad really liked this pizza a whole lot – he liked the flavors and the crust. All I could do was compare it to Bronx Pizza and realize it wasn’t as good. Silly tastebuds.

In any case, it’s still a decent local joint in Mira Mesa – I still think it’s better than the other pizza chains – and I do really like their calzones even though I haven’t had one forever. Maybe I’ll have to try and get a calzone on one of our Friday’s – that’s still like a pizza, right?

NY Giant Pizza
11255 Camino Ruiz
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 566-9666

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4 Replies to “NY Giant Pizza / Mira Mesa | San Diego, CA

  1. White pizza is so delicious! I’m craving pizza right now.

    I’ve grew up eating NY Giant Pizza but always wondered if they were part of some larger chain. But once I had Bronx, it’s really hard to go back to NYGP.

  2. Yeah, Bronx Pizza is definitely the new standard for white pizza. It just wasn’t the same! I still want to try Pizzeria Bruno though! I read a few good things about that place. There’s also a place in Miramar that I read about (forgot the name) that might be good, too. Plenty of places to go for Friday Night pizza!

  3. The best Pizza in Miramesa hands down. So if you live here do you really drive to the Bronx at $4.50 per gallon??? Its not that good and once you get home its like Cardboard? The best philly in town is here too.
    The place in miramar is called Miramar pizza!!! Wow

    1. Hi George – I do still go to Bronx once in awhile and when I get it, I eat it there. You’re right – it’s not as good cold, but hot it is wonderful. I still like NYGP I just don’t think their white pizza is the best thing they’ve got. I haven’t tried Miramar Pizza, but I’ll check it out. 

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