blueberry bacon pancakes

The last time I went to the Original Pancake House I saw the golden words “bacon pancakes” and decided I had to try them. I did get to go back and try them. While they were delicious, they were very rich and the bacon wasn’t really cooked to my liking. The pancakes had bacon put into the batter while it was cooking and had bacon crumbled on top, which was a little bit of overkill in my book. Also, the bacon tasted too chewy and a little stale when it was in the batter. So, while they were tasty at first, I didn’t eat very much of them because it was just a little too much for my palate to handle. I only ate one and half pancakes on this trip.

Bacon Pancakes from the Original Pancake House

Today I woke up and I wanted to eat some pancakes again. But not just any kind of pancakes. I wanted to try this bacon pancake phenomenon again on my own, but a little more subtler and catered to my own taste buds. But I put a twist on it to really make it pop. I made your standard old pancakes – blueberry style – with bacon crumbles on top. Tada! Blueberry bacon pancakes!

I cooked the bacon first and let it cool down while I worked on the pancake batter. I used this recipe from Joy of Baking except that I didn’t put any sugar in and I just flat out forgot the egg. The batter turned out quite well though and made 6 small to medium sized pancakes. I dropped frozen blueberries in while it cooked on the first side and then flipped them over to finish them off.

Blueberry Bacon Pancakes

To assemble, I just placed my pancakes onto my plate, crumbled my bacon all over it, and topped it off with real maple syrup. My only complaint to this delicious meal is that I wished I had put the maple syrup on the side and just dipped. The combination of the tart blueberries with the bacon and sweet syrup was sometimes again a bit too much for me, but with the right amount of syrup, it was heavenly. Too much syrup made me feel like I was going to OD on my meal, but otherwise the crispy crunch of bacon plus the pancakes was just right for me. I would go sans blueberries just to get more of the crunchy bacon by itself but I would not go so far as to put into the batter like they do at the restaurant.

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