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imagine my surprise one night a few weeks ago when i suggested to my boyfriend that we just hit the burger king next to my house for a quick meal and he told me that it was closed. it was only eight o’clock so i was baffled. i learned that burger king moved out of dodge and in its place there’s now a roberto’s mexican place, with the kid’s jungle gym still hanging out in the front of the restaurant. i decided i needed to try it out, since it was new and all.


i love getting carne asada nachos. something about crunchy chips and guacamole makes me happy (my boyfriend though, doesn’t even like avocados, which i still can’t quite understand). i decided to stick with that. for six bucks i got some okay chips. they had what looked like salsa fresca, sour cream, some hint of guacamole and the carne asada. i’m not sure what kind of cheese they used, i think it might have been like a monterrey jack, but i’m not sure. they were just okay for six bucks, i felt like i got robbed on the guacamole part. but i did like the cheese a lot. and they’re a bit pricey and went a bit overboard with the sour cream. but they were acceptable. just not the greatest ever or the best value for the price. but it is nice to have another mexican place option with a drive through besides alejandro’s, whose carne asada nachos i do not get because they put way too much meat and not enough of the other good stuff i like on it. maybe a few more trips and a taste of their other menu items will brighten my outlook on the place. also, i’m not sure of their hours yet. if they’re a late night kind of place, that’ll be a plus for mira mesa.

update: i went back and had just the guacamole & chips and those were pretty damn tasty. just the guacamole & chips is $4. yum. my boyfriend says the california burrito is pretty good and i thought the breakfast burritos were just okay, not bad but nothing memorable either. i also discovered that they are open 24 hours, woo.

update to the update: i wouldn’t recommend the rolled tacos – they are not crunchy and are never served fresh.

9312 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
Open 24 hours

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