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I’m planning on doing a “week of LA eating” in the next coming weeks – many posts about eating in the fair city to the north! Look for it soon – potato balls, dumplings and gigantic burritos will be in your reading future!

Onto to today’s post though – lunch time spots!

Sometimes I get insanely bored of bringing my lunch to work. I shouldn’t though. It’s not like I can’t cook – I just sometimes don’t feel the creative spark to cook when only doing it for myself. And I get quickly bored if I eat the same thing for lunch every day, so sometimes I wander out and treat myself to lovely things for lunch. I learned on Yelp that there was a new burger/beer place nearby in Scripps Ranch next to Trader Joe’s (oh Trader Joe’s, I love you so) called Bruski Burgers & Beer. It’s right across from the Chuck E. Cheese and I imagine there are probably a few folks who stare across and wish for a beer in a quieter location.

On  my first visit I opted to try the Bruski’s Krunch Burger ($9.95). It’s basically a cheeseburger with kettle cooked potato chips in it. It, my friends, is quite lovely.

The toppings are placed on the side so you can add what you like to your burger to dress it up. I added the lettuce and onions along with some mayo and mustard. I crunched it all down to get this:

You can see the potato chips peeking out just above the cheese layer. It was cooked to a nice, juicy medium and I ate it with a napkin underneath so I wouldn’t get burger juice all over my shirt and be embarrassed for the rest of the day at work. I like the buns they use here – they’re fluffy and moist – though I wish they were cut a little bit more in the middle so the bottom has more of a handle on it and doesn’t get too soggy from the patty (which is what happened). Since I totally love crunchy things, this was awesome – I loved the crunch of the chips in my burger. I also like to eat fries in my burger but this was way crunchier and pretty satisfying. The price is a bit steep in my opinion, but it is a pretty good burger. Comes with french fries, homestyle potato chips or sweet potato fries. This time around I got the regular fries and they’re just standard – nothing to sing about.

On another visit I got the ABC Burger ($10.95) which has got avocado, bacon and cheddar cheese on it with a chipotle aioli sauce which I got on the side (I’m wary of sauces that have “chipotle” in them). I ended up liking the sauce but I still just put a little bit onto my upper bun. This time I also got the sweet potato fries which I think are better than their regular fries. Just crisp enough with that little touch of sweetness from the sweet potato – awesome. Again, good burger with good flavors and very juicy.

I haven’t had any beer here since I’m on my lunch break when I go and I’m a total lightweight, so no beer for me. They have quite the beer list though (including bottled and draft) for you to try out.

While I do like the burgers, I do think the prices are a little steep. The service is also a bit slacking – both times I visited it took forever to get my check (though much longer the first time since my waitress gave me a totally incorrect bill) and I sat near the register and made it completely obvious I was ready to take off. Ah well. I’ll chock it up to them still being relatively new.

Bruski Burgers & Beer
9844 Hibert St.
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone: (858) 530-BREW (2739)

Sunday – Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:00am – 11:00pm

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6 Replies to “bruski burgers & beer / scripps ranch | san diego, ca

  1. I love that Trader Joe’s with all my heart.

    I’ve been glancing at Bruski every time I go food shopping, but we’ve never stopped in. I think they’ve been open long enough to figure out how to serve people (and deliver check) efficiently, though.

    Now I’m waiting for that fish place to open… I hope that one’s good!

    1. Hi Leanne – I think it might have just been this one waitress… I’ve had her both times and she seems a little flightly, but nice. It seems they’re really adding some stuff in that shopping center now that TJ is in there. Before it was just this desolate shopping center that I never went to!

  2. I live nearby, and all my neighbors were dancing with joy when we found out that Trader Joes was opening. I haven’t made it to Bruski’s yet. I do like Stone Flats at the other end.

    Is it a fish restaurant that’s opening in the middle? I think I assumed it was a fish store.

  3. I love the idea of kettle chips in my burger. Shame that the lower bun is so thin! I need to get off this page because all the photos looks so yummy.

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