my top five green food items for st. patrick’s day

Here’s a thing that sometimes strangers find out about me right off the bat: that my favorite color is green. 

Just this past weekend when I was milling about at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market, a nice young lady at the La Jolla Salt Co. noticed my love of green. I was wearing a lot of it after all… a green patterned tank top, my green purse strapped across my chest, I was sipping on a green kale juice drink and wearing my green glasses. I admitted to her that my car is green. And also my room is painted green. I’m sure I seemed like a crazy obsessive green loving person. I do love the color but I don’t feel like I have to dress in all green every day of my life. I just enjoy the color. It makes me happy on the inside. 

St. Patrick’s Day is a day where people usually wear lots of green and this fills me with joy as well. I seem slightly less odd wearing lots of green on St. Patrick’s Day. 

But since this is a food blog and not a blog about how much I love green, I figured I’d give you a little Top Five Green Food since it was too hot to bake any fun treats this weekend. 

In no particular order:

1) Pesto


[broccolini pesto pasta from busalacchi’s a modo mio]


[chicken pesto pizza from napizza]

What’s there not to love about pesto? The wonderful color, the intoxicating smell, the luscious and bright flavor of it in pasta or drizzled on a pizza. Pesto is definitely one of my favorite sauces – I’ll take it over tomato sauce, thank you!

2) Caesar Salad


[caesar salad from pizza rock in las vegas]


[caesar salad from monello]

9 times out of 10 if a menu offers a Caesar Salad, then I’ll order it over a regular salad. I especially love that tangy dressing mixed with the cheese and crunchy croutons. I’ll pass on having the anchovies right on top in the future though.

3) Pistachio


[mustachio pistachio cupcake from elizabethan desserts]


[pistachio baklava from king of nablus sweets]

Pistachios are great in sweet and savory things (like crusted rack of lamb… yum). I love their flavor and especially love the when they’re toasted and salted.

4) Green Onions


[ginger pork skewers with green onion from yokohama yakitori koubou]


[beef roll from 101 noodle express in irvine, ca]

Green onions aren’t usually a main feature of a dish, but I love, love, love them. I dare say I might love them more than plain old regular onions for their bright, fresh flavor. Put them on wings, pork, wonton soup or anything else I’ll always want a little extra green onion.

5) Avocado


[caterpillar roll from deli sushi and desserts]


[mini adobada tacos from carnitas uruapan]

Oh, avocado. I think you’re my secret not so secret favorite item on this list. What’s not to love about a buttery, creamy, heart healthy treat? I like you plain, I like you in guacamole and on my tacos and on my sushi rolls. You even work in dessert! You’re just great on everything. Let’s be friends forever, okay, avocado? 

And there you have it. A list of green food! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

4 thoughts on “my top five green food items for st. patrick’s day

  1. I had avocado toast for breakfast this morning! I was feeling silly for forgetting to wear something green today, but now I feel better knowing I ATE something green. And, knowing me, I probably dropped some avocado on me somewhere, so I’m probably wearing it, too.

    1. I bought an avocado yesterday in the hopes of having avocado on toast later this week haha. That’s one of my favorite things to have for breakfast! There’s a serious lack of green in my office, so you’re not the only one!

  2. This reminds me, I have a small jar of pesto that I MUST use up! I didn’t really eat green food today but wore a green shirt with green earrings. Lots of students had green on today. Happy St. Patrick’s!

    1. I didn’t eat a lot of green food yesterday, either! Though I had a spring roll… sort of counts, haha. I had a green t-shirt and a green bracelet, I was all set!

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