Lunch Specials at Hui An Garden

Work has been sorta stressing me out lately, hence my lack of posts. My apologies. Sometimes life distracts me from blogging! I still have San Francisco posts to finish but I wanted to do a quickie post today! Jake and I went to lunch earlier this week over in Convoy. I picked Hui An Garden for their $6.99 lunch specials and the fact that they have their own parking lot! Easy parking makes me life easier, you guys.

Pork Belly at Hui An Garden - San Diego, CA

One of the first things I noticed when we walked into Hui An Garden was the hanging roasted ducks and a slab of freshly roasted pork belly. I knew I wanted some of that! We got a 1/2 pound of pork belly [$12.99/lb] to share between us. The pork was succulent, juicy, and tender with the satisfying crunch of crispy skin at the end. It came with some sauce (hoisin, I would guess) that enhanced the flavor of the yummy pork. 

Sweet and Sour Pork at Hui An Garden - San Diego, CA

I went for the Sweet and Sour Pork [$6.99] that day. This is a decent version of the dish. The pieces of fried and battered pork were nice and crunchy with the pork being nice and tender on the inside. The sweet and sour sauce had a nice thick consistency to it and wasn’t tooth-achingly sweet. I also love eating the onions with the sweet and sour sauce – yum! This version had pineapple chunks instead of carrots (which is what I’m used to seeing). 

Orange Chicken at Hui An Garden - San Diego, CA

Jake ordered the Orange Chicken [$6.99] lunch special. The orange chicken tasted very fresh. Jake liked that about the dish. The coating had a good crunchy texture that I enjoyed. The sauce is INTENSE on the orange flavor. I got a bit of an orange aftertaste lingering in my mouth after eating a few pieces. The flavor of the sauce is rich and I felt it was a bit overpowering. Jake liked it but he agreed that the flavor was more pronounced than at other places. 

Both lunch specials came with bowls of steamed rice. You can upgrade to egg fried rice for a dollar. 

Hui An Garden 
4764 Convoy Street
San Diego, CA 92111

Crepe Cake at Up2You Cafe - San Diego, CA

After our meal, we wandered over to Up2You Cafe. I wanted to see if they had anything I wanted for dessert! I noticed they had crepe cakes and I knew that was what I wanted! I had never tried a crepe cake before. They have a few different flavors of crepes, but I went for the “plain” flavor with a side of strawberry sauce. I like looking at the pretty layers of crepes!

Crepe Cake at Up2You Cafe - San Diego, CA

The strawberry sauce was “real” strawberry sauce – the some seeds even got stuck in my teeth! The crepe cake was quite light and had an interesting chewy texture to it. I loved the fresh whipped cream on top as well. Jake didn’t pay attention to what we were eating and after he took a bite he said, “That’s really weird!” and then told me he thought it was a cheesecake! I laughed and told him I’d have that reaction, too, if I thought it was a cheesecake and was instead treated to a chewy instead of creamy texture in my mouth. Ha! 

Up2You Cafe 
7770 Vickers Street #101
San Diego, CA 92111

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