Valentine’s Brunch at Bub’s + A Valentine’s Dinner

Jake and I celebrated Valentine’s Day twice! First was his treat, second was mine. On Sunday we went Downtown to Bub’s at the Ballpark.

They were having their annual Doggie Brunch! They had all kinds of stuff going on, including professional dog photography and pet adoptions from Second Chance Dog Rescue (which is where Jake’s family got one of their dogs from).

They also had a bunch of raffles going on. 

Dogs were allowed inside the restaurant for this one time special event and I was so excited to see puppies EVERYWHERE.

This sweet girl was at the table next to us. From what I could tell she LOVED potatoes.

This cute girl was at the bar not too far from us. She kept trying to come over and say hi to me!

Puppy butt! 

Now luckily the puppies everywhere made me happy because I wasn’t totally into this Redneck Benedict [$13] when it was set down in front of us. It looked like a giant mess of food but luckily it tasted better than it looked. There are waffles on the bottom, then cereal coated chicken, bacon, and country gravy on top (and maple syrup). There were sunny side up eggs, too, but we got those on the side since I don’t like runny yolks all up in my food. I really liked the country gravy. It had lots of sausage bits in it. In hindsight I wish we got the biscuits and gravy instead because this dish is total overkill. There’s too much going on and it felt way too heavy. Jake and I shared this and we both felt a little ill afterwards. 

For some reason we got a Bacon Flight [$7], too. Maybe we didn’t see that the Redneck Benedict also came with bacon but holy crap… we had too much bacon. This was different though since each slice had a different flavor. There was Sriracha Maple, Garlic Parmesan, Thai Sweet Chili, and Cracker Pepper + Brown Sugar. Jake and I both thought the quality of the bacon was just… eh. The slices were flippy-floppy and not very crunchy, which is how I like my bacon. The flavors were semi-interesting. I can’t really say that any of them really wowed me or caught my attention. 

I can say that I really liked the Bub’s Grilled Chicken Wings [$7.50]. We got a half order with Hawaiian Plum BBQ sauce. The wings were quite juicy and had a lovely outer crisp to them even after being sauced up. The Hawaiian Plum BBQ sauce is on the sweet side. Jake thought it was a tad too sweet but I really enjoyed it. The wings were meaty and plump and I liked dipping the chicken into the cool ranch sauce. This was my favorite item at Bub’s!

Bub’s at the Ballpark
715 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101

For my co-workers, I made little Valentine’s treat bags filled with those addictive oat cookies from IKEA + cookie cupcake Hershey’s kisses. I found this adorable sticker Valentine’s at Target a few weeks ago. 

On Valentine’s Day, Jake, T and the puppies came over for dinner at my house. This was all the decorating I did. All from Target. 

I made from scratch breadsticks for the first time ever! I thought it was weird the breadsticks didn’t really get brown on top… but they were brown on the bottom! The heart shaped one was for Jake, of course. 

I also made Browned Butter + Mizithra Pasta! This is probably one of the easiest recipes ever. It’s just cooked pasta + browned brown and mizithra cheese. The key is getting good mizithra. I usually find it at Bristol Farms or Whole Foods. Mizithra is a hard cheese and comes in blocks. Grating it yourself is key. That pre-shredded stuff is crap. Don’t buy it! 

And now… for dessert.

I made my own little chocolate hearts! This was easier than I thought it would be. Melted white chocolate (+ food coloring) into a little parchment bag and pipe ’em out. Let set to dry for a few minutes and viola. 

The hearts went on top of a lovely with white chocolate krispy AT-AT’s that I made using an ice mold. Looks fancy, right?!

Originally I was going to make a Hoth cake with a little trench in it… but I said “meh” and did a cheesecake instead. 

Woo cheesecake!

I’m going to end this post with a photo of me and my furry Valentine. Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! 

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Brunch at Bub’s + A Valentine’s Dinner

  1. I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s the craziest, most exhausting night of the year for me. But nice to see you had a nice one lol. Wow, celebrated twice? Hope you enjoyed the chocolates too. It kind of made me crave chocolate too, so I had to get some too…not the same ones but whatever could be found on short notice, down the street lol.

    OMG puppyland. I think I’d probably go to a place like that to be around puppies more than the food. But it’s a bonus if the food is yummy.

    Did you wash the breadsticks before baking?

    1. Hi Miss Kim! I did enjoy the chocolates, thank you for the nice gift! I know Valentine’s Day is totally a commercial holiday, so Jake and I just do little dates. No big presents or anything. The puppy brunch was so cute! I loved it!

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