Pizza + Faye’s Desserts at Privateer Marketplace in Oceanside, CA

Recently I made a little trip up to Oceanside with Jake and T. We went up to meet a blogger friend of mine named Faye who runs Faye’s Desserts. She sells her dessert creations at the Privateer Marketplace in Oceanside, CA. We went up and had a little bit of pizza before trying out some of her tasty desserts. Check it out below!

Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

This is the Privateer Marketplace. It’s located next door to the The Privateer which makes coal fire pizza. 

Pizza oven at Privateer Coal Fired Pizza | Oceanside, CA

We went into the pizza side first to order a little bit of lunch. I spied the hot coals burning in the pizza oven. 

I ordered a pie and asked for it to be delivered next door in the marketplace since that’s where we were meeting Faye and Darlene

Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

Over on the Marketplace side they sell a variety of things, like sandwiches, desserts, wine, ice cream, etc. This is where Faye’s Desserts are located as well! 

RAEN Pie at Privateer Coal Fired Pizza | Oceanside, CA

Our RAEN pie [$17] came out in no time and the three of us chomped on a little pizza before digging into Faye’s Desserts. The RAEN pie comes with prosciutto di parma, provolone and mozzarella cheeses. It also comes with arugula, but I asked or that to be taken off since I find arugula to be too peppery for my liking. The prosciutto was quite delicious with the mix of cheeses on top of the hot pizza. 

Bottom crust

What I really enjoyed about this pie was the crust! It had a nice crisp edge but also managed to stay soft on the inside. Excellent pie! 

Cheesecakes by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

Faye seemed to have a whole buffet of desserts for the four of us to try! My eyes bugged out at the mini personal sized cheesecakes. I loved that they all looked like mini cheesecakes since it makes you feel like you’re getting a whole cheesecake to yourself instead of “just” a slice. 

Bourbon Banana Cream Pie Cheese by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

One of the first ones we tried was the Bourbon Banana Cream Pie Cheesecake. This dessert is like a combination of banana cream pie with silky smooth cheesecake. The banana flavor is hard to miss in this, but it’s also thankfully not an overpowering flavor. You can still tell this sucker is a cheesecake! T liked this one best of all and I thought it was an ingenious dessert even if it wasn’t my favorite (due to my ho-hum attitude about banana). 

Meyer Lemon Curd Cheesecake by by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

The Meyer Lemon Curd Cheesecake is a seasonal treat and was my favorite cheesecake/dessert/treat of the day! I adored the fresh tart meyer lemon curd that was placed directly on top of the cheesecake and penned in by a lovely little wall of fresh whipped cream. The cheesecake itself was just a “regular” cheesecake. Mixing it with the lemon curd on top gave it a extra bit of flavor that we all enjoyed. The cheesecake is smooth, silky, and delicious – a real winner! 

Oreo Cheesecake by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

This personal sized Oreo Cheesecake would be a great dessert for any chocolate lover in your life (maybe it’s YOU??) with the Oreo crust and drizzle of chocolate sauce on top. I loved the crisscrossed ribbons of chocolate to make this look like an extra decadent treat. 

All three of the cheesecakes by Faye’s Desserts are wonderful and what’s amazing is that Faye herself has never tried her cheesecakes (due to allergy/dietary restrictions)! 

Matcha Cupcake and Walnut Brownie by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

Faye had a few more dessert tricks up her sleeve. One of them was this vibrant green Matcha Cupcake with Raspberry Mousse filling and Green Tea Buttercream. This one hasn’t been introduced to the Privateer Marketplace yet but Faye told us she’s planning on bringing them soon. I am not a fan of green tea flavored things but the boys seemed to like this one. I think green tea should stay as tea, but it’s okay, I know I’m weird.

If you’re a fan of fudgy brownies, then the Toasted Walnut Brownie might be just the dessert for  you. It is chock full of walnuts and a dense, fudgy, rich center. This is definitely one for chocolate lovers as the chocolate is thick and rich (and a bit on the dark side). 

Cookies by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

If you’re looking for a bit of a simpler treat then check out the cookies from Faye’s Desserts. On the left we have the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie and on the right is the Peanut Butter Cup cookie. Both are a generous size and filled with a fair amount of chocolate goodness. The touch of flaky fleur de sel salt on top adds an extra depth that really draws out the flavors of the cookie.

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie by Faye's Desserts at Privateer Marketplace | Oceanside, CA

The peanut butter cups in this cookie were a little bit melty! Peanut butter + chocolate is one of my favorite combinations so it tasted great in a crispy-crunchy cookie form. 

If you’re in the Oceanside area or are looking for a nice outing, check out the Privateer Marketplace for pizza and more importantly (who are we kidding, right) – dessert! 

Privateer Coal Fired Pizza + Marketplace
1706 S Coast Hwy.
Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 231-8795

Faye’s Desserts 
(sold in the Privateer Marketplace)

Disclaimer: Our desserts were complimentary thanks to Faye’s Desserts. All opinions stated here are my own.

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