Grubz Takeout Restaurant

I’ve had Grubz Takeout on my “to visit” list for awhile. It sounded like an intriguing little restaurant. Grubz Takeout is located in a strip mall that also houses a 7-11, a liquor store, and a dry cleaners. It’s kind of a weird spot for a restaurant but there’s not much else closeby in this part of Rolando. Jake and I recently went to check it out.

Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

Bad Place for a Diet at Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

When you walk up to the door, it says “This Is A Bad Place for a Diet”. It’s tiny inside. Pretty much only a walk up counter with a couple of chairs for waiting. Few tables outside if you want to eat here. We managed it but I wouldn’t eat here alone in the dark.

Samples of beans at Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

Jake got a sample of beans to try. I didn’t care for the flavor of these beans. Also, not a big bean fan over here.

Buffalo Style Tater Tots at Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

The one item I really wanted to try at Grubz Takeout was the Buffalo Style Tater Tots [$8.24]. These freshly made tots come with grilled chicken, buffalo sauce AND ranch sauce plus a bunch of green onions. The tots were nice and crispy and a little creamy on the inside. I really liked the combination of buffalo and ranch sauce together. Normally I’m not into mixing things but this combination really works. You get the spicy buffalo sauce with the cooling ranch which creates a pleasant combination of flavors in your mouth. The chicken was nice and juicy and I loved the burst of flavor from the fresh green onions. Yum!

Plain Jane Burger at Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

I wanted to check out a burger and decided to go simple with the Plain Jane Burger [$6.24] which I shared with Jake. I asked for the burger to be medium rare but it came out well done instead. The practically pink tomato was discarded off the burger since I knew it would have zero flavor. The burger meat itself was fine – nothing fancy or frilly and true to it’s namesake. Maybe a more dolled up burger would have piqued my interest but as is this burger was pretty ho-hum. 

Parmesan Garlic Fries at Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

For your fries you get a choice on the seasoning. Either salt + pepper or Parmesan + garlic. We went the parm n’ garlic route. The fries were a bit on the chilly side and seemed like they might have been hanging around for a few minutes before it got to us. Nothing to write home about on that front. 

Chicken Wings + Onion Rings Appetizer at Grubz Takeout Restaurant | San Diego, CA

Jake got the Chicken Wing Basket with Onion Rings [$7.24] for us to share. It comes with your choice of fries or onion rings as your side item. You can get your wings doused with either BBQ sauce or buffalo sauce . Since we already had buffalo sauced tots, we decided to try the BBQ sauce. The wings were quite nice. Plump, juicy, nice crisp outer coating on the wing skin. The BBQ sauce was a bit on the sweeter side which only appeals to me. The onion rings were served warmed than the chilled fries, I’ll give them that much.

There are quite a few interesting looking items on the menu at Grubz Takeout. The tots and wings are enough to bring me back to try more and stuff myself with a few more grubby tots. 

Grubz Takeout Restaurant
3611 College Ave
San Diego, CA 92115

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