Claire’s on Cedros + Claire’s Too

Last weekend I had the morning to myself. Jake was home sick with a bad cold (he’s better now!) and I decided to get some breakfast. I headed over to Claire’s on Cedros for a little quiet breakfast.

I’ve always loved that Claire’s on Cedros looks like someone’s cozy little house.

Waiting area, for when it gets busy.

This counter on the left is where they used to have all of their baked goods. The baked goods have been moved – more on that later.

I *almost* got the eggs benedict because I really love the version here. In fact, I’m pretty sure the version here is what kicked me off on my love of eggs benedict. You can see my post about the eggs benedict here!

Funny, I’ve never been here for lunch. Only breakfast. 

Allison (who is the wife of Minion) lent me this book to read. As a huge fan of the Princess Bride, this was a wonderful read! I loved all the extra little tales from the movie, the mishaps on set, and seeing the movie being made through Cary’s eyes. If you’re a fan on the Princess Bride I highly recommend picking this book up! 

My breakfast came along as I was enjoying a chapter from As You Wish and it was a welcome interruption. I got the Clairecakes Combo [$12.95] which is two cinnamon pancakes, two sausage links, and two eggs. The pancakes are quite fluffy with just a hint of cinnamon flavor. As I was eating it, I felt like there was even less cinnamon flavor than I remembered, but maybe I was just fooling myself. Looking back at my old posts, I saw my pancakes came with cinnamon butter. Maybe that’s what this was missing since I just had boring “normal” butter. 

The sausage links were excellent – nice, round, plump and juicy. They had a good skin on them and were quite flavorful. Yum.

After your meal, your check comes with a tiny heart shaped cookie. It’s a small delicious treat to send you on your way. Way better than fortune cookies! 

In the parking lot they have a new little spot for “Claire’s Too” which sells most of the baked goods that used to be housed in the corner of the main restaurant. At Claire’s Too you can get prepared meals to cook at home, baked goods, coffee, and desserts. 

Claire’s Too is nice if you just want to pick up a few treats or get something to go. But they also have outdoor seating. 

If you really loved the tiny heart cookie from Claire’s then you can pick up a bag of Oatcakes to take home with you. I have gotten this in the past. They are delicious. 

I only popped in to look around and was tickled to see all of the Valentine’s goodies they had in stock. Cute! 

Claire’s on Cedros
246 N Cedros Ave.
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Sun-Thurs: 7AM-3PM
Fri-Sat: 7AM-9PM

Claire’s Too
250 N Cedros Ave.
Solana Beach, CA 92075

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