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Last Friday Jake and I headed over to see my friend Frank’s black and white classic horror art show at Culture Brewing Co in Ocean Beach (go check it out – his paintings of classic horror movies are pretty awesome). I wanted a bite to eat first and took Jake to a place in Point Loma called Pummaro. I had an impressive sample slice of pizza from Pummaro earlier in the year when I attended the Taste of Point Loma with Lynn (too bad I never bothered to write about it). It was high time I finally went back!

Pummaro | San Diego, CA

Pummaro has a tiny parking lot. There’s maybe 5 or 6 spaces. Jake and I ended up parking just down the street only a couple of blocks away near the Yacht Club. It was quite LOUD and busy in here on a Friday night when we first arrived. We had to wait a few minutes to be seated. 

Interior - Pummaro | San Diego, CA

I snapped these photos after everyone around us had left. 

Interior - Pummaro | San Diego, CA

Here’s a view from the bar area where you can have a peek at their big red pizza oven. 

Menu at Pummaro | San Diego, CA

They have pastas and stuff but I really wanted to try another pizza!

Dinner Specials Menu at Pummaro | San Diego, CA

These are the dinner specials at Pummaro. 

Bottled Water - Pummaro | San Diego, CA

Our waiter came by and brought us a big cold bottle of water and two glasses. I like when restaurants use this method – we don’t have to wait for them to refill our waters unless we use up the whole bottle. 

Pan Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches at Pummaro | San Diego, CA

[mozzarella scarrozata / $8.00]

I saw this on the menu. It said something like “pan fried mozzarella sandwiches” and I thought, “I need that in my life”. 

Mozzarella Sandwich Closeup - Pummaro | San Diego, CA

It is exactly what it says – there are slices of fresh mozzarella smooshed in between some bread and lightly pan fried with marinara sauce drizzled on top. There’s some greenery and stuff on the bottom but the star here is that luscious mozzarella! I ate one of these suckers in a FLASH. Jake actually commented about how fast I ate it and I just sheepishly replied that I really liked it. What’s not to like?? Bread… cheese… delicious sauce… sign me up! 

These are not super crispy or anything and they don’t tasty greasy… it’s more like they pan fried it just to warm it up and not make a mess in the pan. 

Calzone at Pummaro | San Diego, CA

[classico calzone / $13.50]

Jake wanted to try a calzone while I wanted to try a pizza. He ordered the Classico Calzone for us to share.There’s a bunch of sauce on top which is interesting – I’ve never seen a calzone with sauce served right on top. Usually they just stick on the side for you. 

Calzone interior - Pummaro | San Diego, CA

Here’s a lovely out of focus photo of the inside of the calzone which was made with tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, salami, and cooked ham. The calzone crust was pretty thin and I liked the crust and the flavors but what I really loved was the marinara sauce!

Marinara sauce at Pummaro | San Diego, CA

In fact I loved the sauce so much that I wanted my own bowl of it so I could dip my bread into it. Jake acquired this for us by asking nicely and our waiter brought out this extra bowl of warm (!!) marinara sauce. The calzone tasted even better dipping it into this sweet, flavorful sauce. This sauce made my night! I even dipped my pizza into it because I loved it so much. <3 <3 <3

Pizza at Pummaro | San Diego, CA

[polpettina pizza / $12.00]

I decided on a meatball and cheese pizza since those are typical toppings for Jake and I – but this sure wasn’t a typical pizza! At Pummaro they do THIN crust Neapolitan style. 

Pizza Crust - Pummaro | San Diego, CA

Here’s a peek at the bottom of the pizza. They use a soft dough that is hand stretched. The pizzas are very quick cooking and has bits of char around the bottom of the crust. That char creates extra bits of flavor in the pizza. This pizza is kind of “wet” in the middle which is something I don’t usually like but I didn’t mind it here at all because the crust was so chewy and had so much flavor! I wished There was a bit more marinara sauce on top but I was able to dip it into my bowl of sauce so no worries there. Heck I don’t think I really even needed the meatballs – I’d have been fine with cheese, sauce, and basil! Jake and I really enjoyed this pizza and this style – it’s got a ton of flavor and that beautiful crust will likely make me come back for more.

1101 Scott St.
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 224-2272

4 thoughts on “Pummaro / Point Loma

  1. yay! you did a return trip too! I ate here right before the hammonds ice cream grand opening in point loma. obviously have not posted cuz that backlog thing … at least I made an audio recording with our notes (yet to be typed)!

    mozzarella scarrozata – I need that in my life too. =D

    1. Hi Lynn! Yessss – I finally go to go back to check it out for real! I really liked the crust on that pizza. And you definitely need mozzarella scarrozata in your life. 🙂

    1. Mmm, the pan fried cheese was so good, CC! I think you would enjoy it! I haven’t been to Bruno – someday, man. Sad to hear yours was too charred though. That’s a bummer for pizza!

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