Brian’s 24 / Downtown San Diego

I was recently invited to check out Brian’s 24 and I sent Minion Maile to check it out since I avoid Downtown as much as I can. Thanks to Minion Maile for this article!


There are generally two instances where I will eat at a 24/7 diner: I have been out drinking all night or I have been working late on a project. In this case, it was the former. My friends and I had been enjoying an evening hopping around the breweries in Ocean Beach when we headed over to Brian’s 24 around midnight to cap off our night. Upon entering, I was impressed by the decor. When you think late night diner you think 50’s counter tops and quirky decor. At Brian’s 24, they have matched the Downtown vibe with chandeliers and a more trendy atmosphere.

Brian's 24 | San Diego, CA

We decided to go family style and ordered 3 entrees that came most recommended from our server: Buffalo Chicken Tots, Chicken and Waffles and the ABC Burger (Avocado, Bacon and Cheese)

Late night eats at Brian's 24 | San Diego, CA

[food overview]

ABC Burger at Brian's 24 | San Diego, CA

[abc burger / $15.49]

Truth be told, I don’t have much to say about the burger or the Chicken and Waffles. The burger was cooked to a nice medium and was a solid burger. 

Chicken and Waffles at Brian's 24 | San Diego, CA

[chicken and waffles / $15.99]

The Chicken and Waffles was ok…the chicken was a little dry but the waffle was nice.

Buffalo Tots at Brian's 24 | San Diego, CA

[buffalo tots / $11.99]

The best by far were the Buffalo Tots. As I understand it, the tots are a new addition, and are apart of their new tots menu. I am hoping that the rest of the tots options are as delicious as this. Yes, I have a weakness for both buffalo sauce and tots, however I have to appreciate the fact that they used real blue cheese crumbles and the sauce:chicken ratio was perfect. They were not very greasy, simply delicious!

Overall, I was very impressed with Brian’s 24 and will return should I find myself searching for late night eats or craving tots!

Brian’s 24
828 Sixth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 702-8410
Open 24 Hours

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine at Brian’s 24. My meal was complimentary and all opinions stated here are my own.

2 thoughts on “Brian’s 24 / Downtown San Diego

  1. i recommend the blondie dessert from my post! i had a lot of carbs that day but for my next visit, i wanna drown those carbs in savoriness… my to do list has waffle montecristo and stuffed toast! i hope they are as good as they sound!

    1. Hi Lynn! Jake wants to go here now since he saw the tater tots that Maile got. The blondie dessert sounds delicious! If we make our way here on our way, we’ll be sure to try it out!

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