homemade bread for sunday morning

I’ve been thinking about bread lately and I took it upon myself to remake this No Knead Bread recipe last weekend. Homemade bread is totally worth the effort and honestly this bread recipe is easy enough to do with very little work on my part. It just takes planning a day in advance to make sure your dough is ready in time for when you actually want to cook it.

Homemade Bread with Crunchy Crust

My one little change this time around it when I set it out to proof, I used cornmeal with a touch of flour instead of all flour.

Homemade Bread Closeup

I feel like the cornmeal gave the bread a little extra color and crustiness to the outer part of the bread.

Loaf of Homemade Bread

I also loved how much the bread raised this time, yielding me a much higher loaf than my previous post!

Previous loaf:

Fresh bread with butter

New loaf:

Homemade Bread innards

So much higher! This time around I stuck the bowl right in the path of the morning sun which helped make that bread rise just a bit higher.

Sunday Breakfast

In addition to homemade bread, Sunday morning breakfast included baked eggs with green onions, basil, garlic and lots of cheese (my eggs also had mushrooms) along with some leftover seasoned pork that I made for some homemade dumplings along with a little bit of mandarins and blueberries. Not bad for a little homemade Sunday breakfast, right?

6 thoughts on “homemade bread for sunday morning

  1. Hi Mary! Just looked at your recipe and noticed you used floured towels for rising! I think that’s what we’ve been missing when making our pizza dough (stuck like crazy to towel)!

    Bread has been on my to-do list since I got my kitchen aid mixer during black friday but so far, we’ve only done pizza and cookie dough! I want some bread…

    1. Hi Lynn – the floured towels are brilliant, the dough gets kind of sticky and makes it so easy to transfer! Also use a cloth towel that isn’t terrycloth as well. Works better! Try this bread! I also have a bread making book called 5 Minute bread I’ve been meaning to try (hopefully soon).

    1. Hi CC – Gosh, this bread is so easy to make but you have to plan like a day in advance. I have a book about bread that’s supposed to be even easier than this method, so I’ll have to experiment and report back!

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