peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread

Sometimes you get lonely, over ripened, sad bananas. But they’re not sad! They’re happy! Because they can be transformed from their sad, mushy state into something wonderful, like banana bread. Even people who don’t like bananas (*ahem*, me) like banana bread so you can’t go wrong here.


Sometimes you’ll start thinking about things you never think about, like Elvis (because someone in your house was recently watching an Elvis movie marathon) and then you’ll make the magical connection of peanut butter and bananas and wonder if it would taste good as a bread.

And then you’ll do it.

And then you’ll discover that maybe Elvis was onto something here.

But you still won’t eat a peanut butter banana sandwich since you still don’t like bananas.

And then you’ll write a blog post about it.

And then you’ll think, “Maybe I should just get on with it then.”

And you will.

Also – pardon the iPhone photos. I was too lazy to go upstairs to get my real camera. *sigh*


This bread has chocolate chips in it. And peanut butter chips! And a good hefty amount of peanut butters. And of course, those mashed bananas.


When warm, the chips are kinda melty… and the peanut butter chips give that extra “oomph” of peanut butter goodness. Most of the sweetness here comes from the natural sugars in the bananas, too, so you don’t have to add a ton of sugar to this recipe. Continue reading “peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread”